Zeppelin Design Labs Percolator Is One Hot Little 2-Watt Tube Amp | VIDEO

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Zeppelin Design Labs of Chicago has released the Percolator, a two-watt tube amp kit for electric guitar, cigar box guitar and harmonica. A matching 1x8 speaker cabinet is also available. Both products are offered as kits or prebuilt and finished, which is unique among bedroom amp kits.

ZDL’s designer Brach Siemens says his top priorities in product design are style and function. Stylistically, he aims for a classy, vintage look, utilizing lines, colors, textures and forms reminiscent of early 20th century design. Regarding function, Siemens is himself an avid kit consumer and keeps a keen eye on ease of construction, high performance and durability.

The Percolator features:

• A unique one-tube design (NOS Compactron). The tube’s internal topology is the same as the Fender Champ, but in one bottle.
• Tone that ranges from cool and clear through warm and crunchy
• A beautiful solid wood cabinet that can be styled and finished for a custom look
• Extensive, detailed online construction manuals and companion videos
• An optional 1x8 cabinet with a 25-watt Jensen C8R speaker
• Direct sale to the consumer for attractive pricing

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The Percolator is perfect for the bedroom, apartment or project studio, or for jamming with friends. It’s endorsed by Chicago blues master Glenn Kaiser.

The Percolator and 1x8 amp are available direct from the manufacturer through its web site. All products are in-stock for immediate shipment.

DIRECT PRICES: Percolator kit, $259; assembled and finished, $349; 1x8 cabinet kit, $89; assembled and finished, $149

CONTACT: Zeppelin Design Labs, zeppelindesignlabs.com

Zeppelin Design Labs, LLC combines the talents of two brainiac engineers: Brach Siemens, an expert audio products designer, and Glen van Alkemade, veteran project manager. They started three years ago doing freelance audio product design, working from a broom closet, and are now releasing some of their products for sale direct to the end user. They recently moved out of the broom closet and into a reclaimed rest room. ZDL will release several products per year, both kit and assembled, targeted to working musicians and studio techs as well as amateur DIY enthusiasts.