Xotic Guitars Unveils California Classic Series

Xotic releases the Classic XSC-1 and XSC-2 Series - a fresh take on vintage guitars.
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Xotic Guitars has unveiled its newest member of the Xotic guitar family, the California Classic Series.

From the company:

Xotic's California Classic represents the finest attention to detail in boutique guitars available today. Hand built in the USA, these guitars feature nitrocellulose finish, premium grade roasted flame maple neck and Raw Vintage hand wound pickups based on Xotic's own proprietary design.

Body and neck materials are hand-selected premium grade woods that cover the full spectrum of lush lows, sweet mids and shimmering highs resulting in both organic and vintage tones that work well with all styles of music.

Not only does our aging process give each guitar its own distinctive qualities and naturally attractive look, the lacquer checking process and roasted neck allow the guitar woods to breathe and resonate for a pure and highly sought after tone. Customers have the option of light or heavy aging.

Highlights include:

  • Properly seasoned, hand selected premium grade bodies and necks
  • Beautiful roasted maple necks that are heat treated to remove moisture and other impurities giving the neck the smooth feel of natural wood and a multi-dimensional sound that is more reflective of the player's nuances
  • Hand wound Raw Vintage pickups for sweet spanky high end, firm lows, and mids with a great complexity; accompanied by with Raw Vintage tremolo springs and cold rolled steel saddles
  • Lacquer finishes with significantly thinner and lighter in weight than conventional guitar finishes
  • Detailed inspection and setup from our master luthier
  • Each guitar comes signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity and deluxe soft case
  • Our products are warranted against failures due to defective parts or faulty workmanship for a period of one(1) year
  • Retail Value: XSC-1 $2,500 XSC-2 $2,550

Check out the detailed information at Xotic.us.