Victory Announces Three New All-Valve Pedal Preamps

Models include the Kraken, the Sheriff and the Countess.
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Victory Amps have released three new all-valve powered pedal preamps as part of their V4 Series: The Countess, the Sheriff and the Kraken.

The two-channel pedal preamps feature four valves running at full-plate voltage and are designed to bypass existing amps’ preamp sections and go straight to the power section via the effects return or power amp in.

The pedals employ an ‘Amp Through Mode,’ which allows the signal to hit the amp as normal; when the pedal is turned on, the amp’s preamp is bypassed and the pedal provides an entirely different all-valve front-end.

The three models are based on their namesake Victory amplifiers: The Countess (distinct clean and dirty channels); the Sheriff (classic rock and modded 'plexi' tones) and the Kraken (heavy rock, extended range and progressive styles).

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