"The Midwife" Multiple Tap-Out Expander Announced by Tapestry Audio

Send Midi Clock to pedals and pro gear.
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The Midwife is a tap to Midi converter that makes it possible to send out Midi clock at any BPM when paired up with the Time Traveler.

Because it can be used with any tap-switch, The Midwife is a unique guitar utility pedal that opens a door to a whole new world of syncing capabilities. With it's simple design and functionality this pedal is a must have for syncing up Midi capable effects, keyboards, consoles, and other pro gear.

The Midwife highlights include:

  • 1 Tap input usable with the Time Traveler, Wife, or any tap-tempo device.
  • 1 Midi Clock output Hand machined and wired construction Compatible with brand and boutique pedals, plus some keyboards, soundlight boards, DAWs, sequencers, and more.
  • The Midwife carries a suggested retail price of $69.00 and can be purchased from Tapestry Audio's online store at www.tapestryaudio.com.