The First Gibson-Approved (But Not Gibson-Branded) Boutique Guitars Are Available Now

These are the first run of '58 spec models by Gibson's first authorized boutique builder.
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Back in July, Gibson - in the wake of its lawsuit against Dean and Luna Guitars for trademark infringement - announced that it would be moving from "confrontation towards collaboration" in its interactions with other, smaller guitar manufacturers. 

As part of this pivot, the guitar giant also announced the Authorized Partnership Program, in which certain boutique manufacturers such as Echopark, Jimmy Wallace and Banker Guitars would be able to build guitars with Gibson-trademarked bodyshapes and headstocks. Now, the first of these Gibson-approved boutique models, the Banker Custom ’58-spec Korina V and Excalibur, have been unveiled.

Available exclusively from Chicago Music Exchange, this is the first run of '58 spec models by Gibson's first authorized boutique builder.

“Matt Hughes of Banker Custom was the first boutique builder to officially sign on with Gibson as part of the authorized partner program, which gave him unique access to Gibson trademarks, body shapes and headstocks," Chicago Music Exchange's Nathaniel Murphy.

“We were chatting with Matt, and he told us about his private stash of super clean white korina and gorgeous Brazilian rosewood. So we asked him if he could build some '58-spec models, the first of their kind, and he did. And they are awesome."

The Banker Custom Excalibur and Korina V are available now for $4,499, while a special edition BKV will run you $4,704.  

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