Smallest Stompboxes Ever?

Believe it or not, the entire line of Hotone Skyline Series pedals can fit inside two size 9 Doc Martens boots.
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I just received a box of 11 Skyline Series pedals by Hotone for our July 2014 "Pedalmania" annual feature on new stompboxes, and, well, I was shocked to open the packing materials and find these teeny tiny signal processors. They are small. Really small.

Are they perhaps the "most mini" pedals ever produced?

Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

We haven't plugged in the Hotones yet, but here are the basics:

• A very bright LED

• Metal footswitch

• "Stomp protector" bar

• Strong case

• True bypass

• Guitar-knob-like control at top of pedal

To learn more, visit the Hotone website here.

And watch for the full review of all 11 Hotone pedals in the July 2014 issue of Guitar Player!