Rombo Unveils New Eco-Black Guitar Picks

The Eco-Black range is made entirely from recycled materials.
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Want some new guitar plectrums, but are worried about adding on to your carbon footprint? Have no fear!

German company Rombo has unveiled its new Eco-Black range of guitar picks. Each pick in the series is made from 100 percent recyclable waste and - according to Rombo - has "high mechanical strength and stiffness" and "excellent impact resistance."

Four different Eco-Black picks are available - the Rombo Origami (0.75 mm), the Rombo Diamond (2 mm), the Rombo Waves (1.25 mm) and the Rombo Classic (0.45 mm). Each pick features a micronodule grip structure, a high mirror-polished tip and a 3D ergonomic design surface.

The picks are available in Graphite Black, with a set of four clocking in at a suggested retail price of $11.15.

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