Review: Seymour Duncan Dark Sun Digital Delay and Reverb

The Dark Sun is a cool, one-stop-shopping place for those seeking expansive delay and reverb sounds with loads of flexible control over them.
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Seymour Duncan Dark Sun

Seymour Duncan Dark Sun

California-based Seymour Duncan is best known as a company that makes guitar and bass pickups, but that’s also changed quite a bit due to all the pedals it has released over the years. 

The lineup has grown to include some 17 models, encompassing distortion and overdrive boxes; boost, compression and modulation pedals; and delay and reverb units. The Dark Sun Digital Delay + Reverb is one of the most recent to have landed at GP, so let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

Created in conjunction with Periphery guitarist and prog-metal tastemaker Mark Holcomb, the Dark Sun is a cool, one-stop-shopping place for those seeking expansive delay and reverb sounds with loads of flexible control over them. 

The pedal has a formidable interface, with nine knobs, seven switches and a three-character preset screen on its face. It does what the name suggests - deliver delay and reverb effects - but it does it in interesting and musical ways. You can run the delay into the reverb in series to create the tones that most of us who grew up in the ’80s associate with multi-effects. 

You can run the reverb into the delay, which is great for creating massive, ambient, infinite reverbs, and there’s also the option of using the delay and reverb in parallel, which, given the stereo ins and outs on this pedal, gives rise to a ton of possibilities. 

The usual suspects - including dotted-eighth Edge-style echoes into hall reverbs, slapback and Gilmour-style long repeats - all sound great, and if you want to mess with the high-pass and low-pass filters, you can create some very analog-sounding delay timbres.

You can even throw additional curveballs into the mix with the reverse delay. Seymour Duncan suggests putting a big reverb in front of the reverse delay to create a spacey reverse ’verb. 

The tweak knob gives you control over modulation, saturation on the echoes and more, and it really lets you make the Dark Sun sound the way you want it to sound. Once you do, you can save it as one of 128 presets.

It’s easy for me to picture having a pedalboard with one or two overdrives and the Dark Sun, and being able to play a gig in any style through any clean backline amp. This is a very cool tool!


Dark Sun Delay Reverb

PRICE $369 street

CONTROLS Delay mode, reverb size, reverb mix, routing, dynamic expression, tweak, time, feedback, delay mix, trails (on/off)
EXTRAS Bank and presets buttons. Tap/presets foot switch

KUDOS Sweet sound quality. Tremendous tonal and routing flexibility. Huge storage capacity for presets