PRS Unveils New CE 24 Smokeburst Limited Guitar

The Europe-only, American-built limited-edition guitars feature satin nitro finishes, US 85/15 pickups and ebony fingerboards.
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PRS CE 24 Smokeburst Limited

PRS CE 24 Smokeburst Limited

PRS has unveiled its new CE 24 Smokeburst Limited guitar.

The Europe-only, American-built limited-edition guitars feature satin nitro finishes, US 85/15 pickups and ebony fingerboards.

The CE 24 Smokeburst Limited is available in five finishes: Faded Purple Smokeburst, Faded Grey Black Smokeburst, Faded Jade Smokeburst, Faded Fire Red Smokeburst and Faded Blue Smokeburst.

200 examples of the PRS CE 24 Smokeburst Limited will be produced. They'll be available for £1,999.

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