PedalSnake Highlights Strymon 24V Method, New Tour Prep Accessories

New features were the two most requested from customers over the past year.
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PedalSnake has pulled back the curtain on its new Strymon 24V Method and Tour Prep Accessories. The two features were the most requested from customers over the past year.

PedalSnake is a low-voltage multi-channel cable that can be modded easily when a player's rig changes. The 24V method is a board-mounted power supply that can be powered through the PedalSnake itself.

PedalSnake's new Tour Prep Accessories include:

  • AE Strap Kits: Custom Velcro straps install easily, and bind PedalSnake to the back of the amp, providing proper strain relief and the perfect location to reach all amp connections.
  • PS Clamp Kits: PedalSnake clamps provide an iron-clad bond to the pedalboard.

Street prices for the PedalSnake System start at $87. AEStrap Kits are $11, while PSClamp Kits are $5.

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