Old Blood Noise Endeavors Debuts New Reflector Chorus V3 Pedal

Updated stompbox adds in a new reverb chorus mode.
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Old Blood has updated its popular Reflector Chorus pedal with the Reflector Chorus V3. The new unit takes the original’s pitch shifting, flanging and multi-voice chorus capabilities and adds in a reverb chorus mode.

Controls include:

- Rate and Depth for the Chorus/Flanger/Vibrato speed

- Mix for a balance between unaffected and affected signal

- Modulate to add Pitch selection, Reverb wash amount or Flanger depth, depending on the mode.

A three-way toggle switch allows the player to choose between Wrinkle Mode (a Vibrato-esque warble chorus with the added option of pitch selection), Washed Mode (adds in a Reverb effect) or Mirrors Mode (Detuned Chorus meets Flanger).

The Reflector Chorus V3 is available for $199.00. Head over to OldBloodNoise.com for more details.