New "Grab-n-Go" Dr. Z Z-Wreck Combo!

Check out the lighter "Grab-n-Go" Dr. Z Z-Wreck combo.
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The idea of a Grab-n-Go Z Wreck combo came to me via Brad Paisley. Brad needed a compact amp to use on his fly dates and TV appearances. This was accomplished by redesigning my 1x12 combo package. I took a more English Top Load layout. Half inch Baltic Birch was used to add resonance and to decrease weight, and both were accomplished in spades. The amp is big and alive sounding, and an extreme weight savings was realized. This award-winning chassis takes the next step in compact, lightweight huge-sounding combo. It is available in Royal Blue vinyl covering with gold accents, loaded with a Celestion Alnico Gold 12" speaker, and it also comes with a complementary embroidered padded cover.

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