Marshall Plexi Shoot-Out! 15 Amps Get Put to the Test | VIDEO

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One look at Johan Segeborn’s YouTube channel and you can tell he’s more than just a guitar fan. He’s a lover of vintage Marshalls, vintage Greenbacks and vintage Les Pauls.

As Segeborn notes, “The combination of a vintage Marshall amp, a couple of vintage Greenback speakers and a Les Paul guitar is quite a fascinating thing.”

His familiarity with these treasured pieces of gear makes him uniquely suited to dispel the myths and misinformation about them—which is exactly what he does via demonstrations, shootouts and recording tutorials on his channel.

In the video shown here, Segeborn compares 15—count ’em—15 Marshall “Plexi” amps. All the heads are played through the same 1970 Marshall model 1960 4x12 cabinet with T1221 Pulsonic Pre Rola Celestion Greenbacks, using his 2008 Gibson 1959 Les Paul Reissue and a Hot Plate power attenuator.

The amps demoed are:

1966 100-watt Super P.A., model 1968 (with bridged channels and KT66 tubes)

1967 100-watt Super Bass, model 1992 (Black Flag logo, EL34s)

2005 100-watt Super Lead reissue, model 1959HW (EL34s)

1967 100-watt Super Bass, model 1992 (ex-Free, EL34s)

1977 100-watt Super Bass, model 1992 (metal panel, EL34s)

1967 50-watt Lead, model 1987 (EL34s, tube rectifier)

1967 50 Tremolo, model 1987T (EL34s, solid-state rectifier)

1971 100-watt Super Lead, model 1959 (metal panel, EL34s)

1968 100-watt Super P.A, model 1968 (bridged channels, EL34s)

1969 100-watt Super Lead, model 1959 (EL34s)

1965 30-watt JTM45 MKII, model 1987 (block-end aluminum chassis, tube rectifier, KT66)

1968 50-watt Lead, model 1987 (EL34s, solid-state rectifier)

1969 100-watt Super Lead, model 1959 (EL34s)

1968 100-watt Super Lead, model 1959 (EL34s, 12000 series)

1969 100-watt Super Lead Tremolo, model 1959T (5881 tubes)