Make Your Holidays Rock with this Special Offer from Positive Grid

Between now and December 31, receive a free BIAS Twin Pedal ($299 value) when you purchase a critically-acclaimed BIAS Head or BIAS Rack amplifier.
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Looking to add a little more cheer — and a lot more tone — to your holiday season? Look no further. Positive Grid just announced a special holiday offer where users receive a free BIAS Twin Pedal ($299 value) after purchasing a critically-acclaimed BIAS Head or BIAS Rack amplifier from any authorized U.S. dealer between now and December 31, 2018. Offer open to U.S. residents only. 

Guitarists simply need to provide proof of purchase, fill out an online registration form, and Positive Grid will ship them a BIAS Twin Pedal of their choice. It's that simple! Complete details are provided here.

Known for monster tone and never-before-seen flexibility, Positive Grid BIAS Head and BIAS Rack offer a wide variety of superb classic and boutique tube and solid-state amplifiers in a compact, easy-to-tweak form — plus 600 Watts of power. From buttery vintage tones to full-on modern shred, players of all types will find the sounds they’ve been craving. Not only do the BIAS Head and BIAS Rack exceed expectations as standalone, classic guitar amplifiers, but they also come with Positive Grid’s best-selling BIAS AMP 2 Pro software (valued at $199) and BIAS AMP 2 mobile apps for iPhone and iPad (valued at $19.99 each) to give users even more control over their tone on a component level. 

BIAS Head and BIAS Rack amplifiers sell for $1,299 and feature real-time front panel controls, 25 presets, 9 digital reverbs, a 600w (8 ohms) Class D digital power amp and all the I/O you will need for home, studio or live gigs. 

Positive Grid's BIAS Twin Distortion, Modulation and Delay pedals feature award-winning sound quality and built-in wireless control in a compact, pedalboard-friendly format. Component emulation technology allows BIAS Twin pedals to recreate the sound of almost any existing distortion, modulation and delay pedal, with the ability to create entirely new sounds and textures as well. Each pedal comes with 9 different preloaded tones that can be easily modified with the 6 tweak knobs, along with USB and Bluetooth connections that make them compatible with the iPad/PC or Mac BIAS Pedal software.

Head on over to Positive Grid’s dealer locator to find the nearest retailer at

Below, watch session guitarist Erick Walls play the BIAS Head and discuss how he uses it in the studio. 

Hurry, offer ends December 31, 2018. To find out more or redeem a BIAS Twin Pedal, click here.