Mad Hatter Guitar Products Introduces the Terminator Solderless Guitar Parts | DEMO

The line includes a range of pots, jacks and switches.
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Mad Hatter Guitar Products has announced the Terminator, its latest product in solderless guitar wiring.

From the company:

The Terminator is the latest in Solderless Guitar Electronics from Mad Hatter Guitar Products. Like its predecessor, each Terminator CTS “Goes to Eleven” Volume and “Killer” Tone Pot offers both 250k and 500k wiring options. However, in the Terminator also offers the higher value of 750k for those seeking a brighter twangier tone.

In addition the Terminator is available in kits that offer the ability to simultaneously operate two different pickups with one at 500k, such as a bridge humbucker, and the others, such as a middle and neck single coils at 250k.

The Terminator is available in many kits from complete to just the basics offering:
• Easy to follow instructions
• Mad Hatter Guitar Products exclusive CTS Universal Potentiometers
• CRL and OakGrisby Selector Switches
• Switchcraft Toggle Switches and Output Jacks
• Bourns Push/Pull Pots

Terminator kits start at just $64.99, and custom designed kits are available upon request.

Watch the demo video below, and visit for more information.