Limited-Edition Fretlocks Make a Great Gift for Any Guitarist

Frelocks are set to be a top holiday gift for acoustic and electric guitarists alike.
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Fretlocks, a single-string capo that can be placed on any string and virtually any fret, launched last year with a bang.

Hailed as the most exciting guitar accessory of 2015, thousands of guitarists clamored for the new accessory.

The last of the British-handmade, limited-edition stock is now set to be this year’s top holiday gift for acoustic and electric guitarists alike. Fretlocks make a great gift idea for any guitarist.

The single-string capos allow guitarists to expand their creativity and play in ways that were previously impossible, and players of all different styles have been experimenting with new sounds.

Below, percussive guitarist extraordinaire Jon Hart gets in the festive mood with an impossible version of “Silent Night.”

For those who prefer to rock out, Neil Swanson shows how Fretlocks can add to a heavier sound in the clip below.

Fretlocks come in three different sizes to match the most common guitar string gauges. They attach to the frets on the guitar through a hassle-free and clean adhesive backing.

As Fretlocks ramps up their production next year, these will be the last of the handmade sets. The current batch is expected to sell out, so make sure you get in fast!

You can see more videos at, where you can also buy a tester pack of 6 Fretlocks for £9.99 and a composer pack of 12 for £19.99.