Les Paul's Personal 50th Anniversary White Custom Guitar Up for Sale

The guitar was gifted to Paul by Gibson as a celebration of the 50th anniversary of his first collaboration with the company.
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Les Paul with his personal 2002 Gibson custom guitar.

Les Paul with his personal 2002 Gibson custom guitar.

A unique, white custom guitar that the Gibson Custom Shop gifted to Les Paul in 2002 is now up for sale.

A "thank you" gift to mark the 50th anniversary of Paul's first collaboration with Gibson, the guitar quickly became one of his onstage favorites during his regular shows at New York's Iridium club. 

Now, Tom Doyle—Paul's longtime soundman, engineer and guitar tech—has put the guitar up for sale along with a host of other memorabilia related to the guitar on Reverb.com.

The full Les Paul Collector’s Package features, in addition to the guitar: the guitar's case (which has been marked up with Paul's notes); a signed, framed photo of Paul with the guitar (which was used as the cover for his autobiography, Les Paul in His Own Words); a photo of Paul signing the guitar's pickguard; an "author's proof" copy of Les Paul in His Own Words and signed photos of Paul with Mary Ford and Paul McCartney, respectively.

The current asking price of the full Les Paul Collector’s Package is $250,000, so dig into your piggy banks! 10 percent of the proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society.

You can see the full listing over at reverb.com.