Lee Oskar Offers Free Harmonica Instructional Booklet for Guitar and Ukulele

Now guitar and ukulele players can elevate their artistry and musical variety by readily incorporating harmonicas in various tunings to play all genres and styles, supported by an easy-to-follow educational website.
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Guitar and ukulele players now have a simple, natural way to integrate harmonica play into their music for enhanced artistry and variety, thanks to harping legend Lee Oskar’s unique system of customized products and educational resources.

The Lee Oskar Harmonicas QuickStart Kit for Guitar/Ukulele Players was designed to inspire musicians to experiment and explore how the harmonica can be incorporated into their music. These synergistic tools can help guitar and ukulele players expand their use and understanding of harmonica play-ing, spanning all genres, styles and levels.

Specifically, the Lee Oskar QuickStart Kit for Guitar/Ukulele players features four harmonicas—the standard tuning and three altered tunings as shown below:

  • Major Diatonic – the standard tuning for playing Folk, country, blues, rock and pop music (view video example below).
  • MelodyMaker – for R&B, country, reggae, pop, jazz, latin, afro and ska music.
  • Natural Minor (Key of Am) – for minor blues, reggae, ska, latin, funk, R&B, hip-gop music.
  • Harmonic Minor (Key of Am) – for gypsy, yiddish, Asian, East European, tango, reggae Music.

These QuickStart Kits come with a harmonica holder for the guitar, a soft cloth pouch to hold the four harmonicas, and a 16-page, easy-to-follow instructional booklet. The booklet is supported by the educational website, LeeOskarQuickguide.com, which provides an online support system with clear, easy-to-follow guidance and videos, organized by instrument for each of the four tunings in the QuickStart Kits.

In the words of Lee Oskar, “For guitarists and ukulele players, the harmonica is a natural fit, offering endless possibilities for artistic exploration – it’s an incomparable instrument that can add mesmerizing energy, depth, spice and soul to your music. As more and more guitar and ukulele players are discovering, harmonicas are an ideal resource for enhancing musical performance, as well as making melodies and coming up with hook lines for all kinds of music.”

By creating the Lee Oskar Quick Guide system for Guitar/Ukulele, Oskar’s aim is to “help guitar and ukulele players fully access the magic, versatility and artistic power of the harmonica.”

To receive a free 16-page instructional booklet for guitar and ukulele, visit LeeOskar.com/giveaways-guitar-player

To find out more about Lee Oskar harmonicas, visit LeeOskar.com.