Korg SDD-3000 Delay Reborn as Stompbox!

Korg Introduces SDD-3000 delay pedal.
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Back in the '80s, when U2 and The Edge blew everyone's minds with their orchestral delay soundscapes, I discovered — in an issue of Guitar Player, of course — that the Irish new-wave guitarist used Korg SDD-3000 rack processors to craft those gorgeous tones.

I bought a pair immediately.

I didn't bring them out live, but I did install the units in my commercial recording studio at the time, San Francisco's Sound & Vision. I loved those beauties, and I used them to process guitars, vocals, drums, pianos, percussion, and just about everything I could reasonably defend as a musical prospect for delay.

It has, of course, been a while since I've had my hands on these classic 1982 delay processors.

But now, Korg has just released them as stompboxes — but still my beating, 6-string heart — and, even cooler, they were co-developed with U2's current guitar tech, Dallas Schoo.

The new SDD-3000 pedal features:

• Eight distinct delay types (SSD-3000, Analog, Tape, Modern, Kosmic, Reverse, Pitch, and Panning)

• Delay times ranging from 1 to 4,000 milliseconds

• 80 programmable preset options

• Stereo in/out


• Interactive controls that include tap-tempo, a modulation waveform selector, and selectable filters for delay repeats

• Two bypass modes—true bypass and analog (Analog mode offers direct sound that has been routed through the preamp circuit and adjusted by the gain setting to an appropriate level. True bypass will not affect the sound in any way.)

• Expression pedal compatibility

• Input and output attenuators

• Built-in filters

• Headroom indicator

• Interactive modulation (five different waveforms, plus intensity and frequency controls for creating chorus, flanging, pitch bending, doubling, and Doppler effects)

• $399 street price

Watch U2's Guitar Tech Dallas Schoo Discuss the SDD-3000