Kemper Releases Innovative Kabinet Guitar Cab and Kone Speaker

The company behind the Profiler showcases its speaker “imprint” technology.
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Kemper Amps has announced the Kemper Kabinet guitar cabinet and Kemper Kone speaker, both designed for use with the company’s groundbreaking Profiler amp.

Both products boast 19 different speaker imprints - with more available via future updates - and use Kemper-developed speaker tone mining technology to “imprint” speaker characteristics onto a single cabinet.

The 12-inch Kone has been designed with famed British speaker co Celestion to deliver a full-range sound, with Sweetening and Directivity parameters for advanced tweaking.

To drive the Kabinet, players can use a Profiler PowerHead or PowerRack, or an external power amp - two Kabinets can be driven in stereo.

The Kone, meanwhile, can be used in existing cabs, and is available as a single speaker or in two- or four-speaker sets.

The Kabinet costs $480, while the Kone will set you back $180. For more info, visit Kemper.