Keeley Introduces New Studio-Themed Gold Star Reverb Pedal | VIDEO

Three unique modes let players forge new and unorthodox reverb spaces.

Keeley Electronics is shipping its new Gold Star Reverb effect pedal. The Gold Star provides a unique and modern way to enjoy reverb effects only available in the studio to guitar players in a stompbox format. The Gold Star is the third in Keeley’s studio-themed reverb pedals. It provides musicians the tools for exciting sounds and textures. Keeley’s new reverb will help you forge new and unorthodox reverb spaces.

The Gold Star Reverb offers three different reverb modes: Compressed, Distorted and Flanged Reverb. These were previously available only if reverb and an effect was sent to a send/return system in a studio. Compressed Mode is meant to simulate the crowded main studio floor at Gold Star Records during the famous “Wall of Sound” session. Compression and filtering is simulated in the pedal like that of the old RCA 44 mics and tube consoles. This pedal offers a new “ducking” style reverb that is perfect for rhythmic leads or staccato playing where you want the reverb to stick out at the end of the notes.

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Distorted Reverb Mode is meant to be an exaggeration of dozens of people in the echo chambers at Gold Star with the sound of distortion produced via an overdriven compressor and maxed-out fader distortion. Flanged Reverb Mode is an imagined echo chamber that swirls with tape flanging. Add ultra-wide flanger sounds with the wow and flutter of a warped 7-inch 45rpm single and you get to the heart of the Keeley’s Gold Star Reverb.

The Keeley Electronics Gold Star Reverb is available for $179.

For more information, visit Keeley Electronics.