Joyo Launches New R-10 "Nascar" Delay

The "Nascar" delay is designed to emulate vintage tape echo-like sounds.
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Joyo R-10 "Nascar" Delay

Joyo R-10 "Nascar" Delay

Joyo has unveiled the latest addition to its always-growing R series of effect pedals, the R-10 "Nascar" delay. 

Designed to emulate vintage tape echo-like sounds, the R-10 is sure to produce “sentimental guitar solos,” according to the company.

Otherwise, the Nascar pedal features knobs for delay, feedback and mix, with a toggle that lets guitarists choose between LED light modes (sync/always on/off).

The Joyo R-10 Nascar Delay pedal is available now for $58.99.

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