Hughes & Kettner Releases Limited Edition Tubemeister Model

H&K celebrates their 30-year quest for the perfect guitar amplifier tone.
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Hughes & Kettner celebrates its 30th Anniversary with a New Old Stock (NOS) tube-equipped limited edition of its groundbreaking Tubemeister models - with a difference.

The amps – which are set to be available as TubeMeister 18 Head and TubeMeister 36 Head models – all feature Soviet “New Old Stock” EL84 power tubes that were built long before Hughes & Kettner was even born.

Manufactured in the legendary Saratov factories, the tubes comply with military-grade specifications for the aircraft industry (which require the highest levels of reliability and the strictest tolerances), and are built to last for a lifetime with a consistent quality and power. They deliver noticeably more output than standard EL84s, which results in more headroom for clean tones and even more punch for overdrive sounds.

As well as the NOS tubes, the new models feature diminutive dimensions, powerful tones from the EL84 and 12AX7 tubes, the industry-standard Red Box DI output for pain-free recording, a flexible Power Soak.

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