First Look! Roland Cube-10GX

Guitar Player Editor in Chief Michael Molenda gets a sneak peek at the brand new Roland Cube-10GX.
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I was recently invited to a top-secret "preview" of several Roland and Boss products at CenterStaging in Burbank, California — a super-cool facility where top stars refine their acts (the Grammy Awards rehearsals are usually held here). In addition to three new Boss Waza Craft compact pedals and a surprising Blues Cube (be sure to check out those tests here at, as well), I was able to spend some time with the Roland Cube-10GX.

The Roland team and video crew allowed me unfettered access to the Cube-10GX, and pretty much left me alone to try out the sounds and features — although I was not able to test the Cube Kit app that's mentioned in the video, as it wasn't 100-percent ready for the preview session. As you'll see in the video below, I had a lot of fun with this micro amp. It's a brilliant songwriting tool when you need some quick tones to craft licks, riffs, and rhythm parts, and the basic Clean, Crunch, and Lead sounds loaded into the Cube-10GX are certainly more than adequate for crafting some home-recording tracks.

Watch Me Premiere The Roland Cube-10GX!

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• Free Cube Kit iOS and Android app lets you swap out COSM amp models at will — up to three different onboard amp sounds can be loaded into the Cube-10GX at once.

• 10 watts of power.

• 8-inch speaker.

• Bass, Middle, and Treble controls.

• Onboard reverb (plate and spring), chorus, and delay.

• Aux In jack.

• Direct out (via Rec Out/Phones jack).

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Download the FREE Cube Kit app here*

* Keep checking — the app is scheduled to be available late July.