First Look! Roland Blues Cube!

Guitar Player Editor in Chief Michael Molenda gets an early try-out of the new Roland Blues Cube.
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"Wow! This doesn't look like a Cube at all. It's looks very, um, Fender-y"

I think those may have been my initial words at seeing the new Roland Blues Cube during an exclusive audition offered to Guitar Player by the folks at Roland on July 11, at Burbank, California's CenterStaging rehearsal facility.

As I mention in the video, I've had a very good, but limited relationship with past Roland Cube amps. I've dug them for practicing, songwriting sessions, and even for recording guitar tracks when I've wanted a different sound, or was looking for various tones for layering rhythm textures.

What I've never done with a Cube is gig with one.

But that may change now. Watch the video and find out why...

Roland Blues Cube Facts

• Blues Cube Artist features 80 watts of power, and the Blues Cube Stage is equipped with 60 watts.

• Both models are 1x12 combos with open-back cabinets.

• Roland Tube Logic modeling simulates tweed-era tube tones.

• Two channels: Clean and Crunch (each with Boost switches).

• Dual Mode lets you blend the sounds of both channels together.

• Variable Power Control offers wattage settings of 0.5, 15, 45, and Max.

• Reverb on both amps. Artist model also offers tremolo and an effects loop.

• Both amps provide USB connectivity for recording direct to DAW.

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