Field Test: Renovo Amp Works Stompblox Modular Pedalboard

I perform with multiple bands , so I’m constantly struggling to keep my pedalboard up to date and consistent with the styles of music I need to play.
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I perform with multiple bands , so I’m constantly struggling to keep my pedalboard up to date and consistent with the styles of music I need to play. For example, the effects I’d use for a Queen tribute band aren’t the same effects I’d find appropriate for accompanying a soul singer, playing disco/funk tunes, or trading solos with a violinist in an indie-rock group. So I was thrilled to try out the Stompblox Modular Pedalboard by Renovo Amp Works—a system that offers a stress-free and practical solution for customizing a pedalboard to suit any playing situation.

A single Stompblox Module ($59 direct) can hold from four to six standard-size stompboxes, or a bunch more if you’re into mini pedals. This makes for a handy and portable “essentials” rig that’s perfect for a cramped stage or a small rehearsal space. Each Module is sturdy with nicely rounded edges, and comes with a gig bag that has a separate compartment for cables and a generous supply of zip ties and velcro to fasten your pedals. Two bags can be zipped together to carry a larger Stompblox configuration. The Modules provide ample space for cable management, as well as plenty of anchor points conveniently located underneath for looping zip ties through. Built-in thumbscrews make adjusting and locking additional Modules into place super easy with no additional tools required. Each Module stands approximately two inches high, and swing-out feet can be used to position the board at a slight angle, as well as add about another inch of elevation.

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If you need just a little bit more room, and don’t want to add another complete Module, the Stompblox Extend ($34 direct) can accommodate a couple more pedals, as well as provide space for a power supply (I went with a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2). There’s also the add-on Stompblox Riser ($9 direct) that can elevate a single, standardsized pedal from any of your main Modules. Having the option to add on Stompblox Modules—even without using an Extend or a Riser—is a real game changer. I prefer a horizontal layout, but you can get as creative as you want—perhaps even configuring a “U” layout that spreads your pedals around a mic stand. (Sample configurations are shown at, but you can make almost any board you can visualize.)

I love having the flexibility to customize a separate pedalboard for each musical project, and I also have the option of joining everything together to create one giant pedalboard with all of my effects at hand (well, under foot). Stompblox makes coordinating pedals on a gig-by-gig basis fun and hassle free.

Kudos Customizable and adaptable. Sturdy all-metal construction. Builtin thumbscrews. Swing-out feet.
Concerns None.