Next Wednesday, April 4, Fender and Joe Bonamassa will launch the new ‘59 Twin-Amp JB Edition. A reissue of Fender's “high-powered" ‘59 tweed Twin-Amp, the re-issue is the first time in 60 years that Fender has released a “high-powered” tweed twin model.

"The king of amps is back!" Bonamassa said in a press release. "It is one of the greatest amplifiers ever built, if not the greatest amplifier ever built."

Designed and handmade to Bonamassa’s specifications in Corona, Calif., the amp features a classic 80-watt Fender 5F8A circuit, a hand-wired eyelet board and Fender vintage-style “yellow” paper-foil-resin tone capacitors for original tweed-era tone and nuance. Three premium 12AX7 preamp tubes, a quartet of 6L6 output tubes that are matched and rated for high output and an internal bias pot also come standard.

The amp also features a 5AR4 rectifier tube, Bright and Normal channels with high-and low-gain inputs, custom Mercury Magnetics transformers, as well as two amp-exclusive 12” Celestion JB85 speakers.

The amp is housed in a finger-joined solid pine cabinet and features a lightly distressed cosmetic treatment with a lacquered tweed covering, Fifties-style grille cloth and a steel-reinforced leather strap handle. 

The Fender '59 Twin-Amp JB Edition will be available for $3,499.99 in limited quantities exclusively at

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