Ernie Ball Announces New VPJR Tuner and Pedal

The new volume pedal and tuner comes with a built-in touch-screen display.
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Ernie Ball VPJR

Ernie Ball VPJR

Ernie Ball has unveiled its new VPJR volume pedal and tuner.

The combo unit—which has a built-in touch-screen display—features a chromatic tuner which appears in the embedded display on the top of the expression pedal itself. It switches automatically from volume to tuner once the signal drops to a requisite level, though this can be adjusted and preset to either mode with the touch screen controls, as can the tuner calibration.

The display is designed to deal with both low-light and direct sunlight scenarios. The case is made from aircraft-grade aluminium, while its tension/sweep is moderated via a Kevlar cord. 

The price and exact launch date of the Ernie Ball VPJR are not yet available.

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