DiMarzio Unveils New John Petrucci Rainmaker and Dreamcatcher Pickups

DiMarzio's latest collaboration with the Dream Theater guitarist is available in six and seven-string variations.
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DiMarzio has unveiled its new John Petrucci Rainmaker neck and Dreamcatcher bridge six- and seven-string pickups.

Described by the Dream Theater guitarist as “the quintessential tone-monsters we’ve been working on together since our very first collaboration," the design is available in four iterations—the Rainmaker Neck (DP281), Rainmaker 7 Neck (DP723), Dreamcatcher Bridge (DP282F) and Dreamcatcher 7 Bridge (DP724). 

The pickups—designed specifically for Petrucci's Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty guitar—feature increased sensitivity to pick attack and impressive dynamic range, according to the company.

The 6-string version of the Rainmaker Neck is available in standard spacing only, while the 6-string version of the Dreamcatcher Bridge is available in F-spacing only.

The Rainmaker Neck and Dreamcatcher Bridge pickups are available now for $89.99 each, while the Rainmaker 7 Neck and Dreamcatcher 7 Bridge pickups are available for $99.99 each. 

For more info on the pickups, head on over to dimarzio.com.