Dialtone Pickups Give You Tons of Tones from Two Built-In Dials

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If you’ve never heard of Dialtone pickups, this is a good time to learn about them. The Tone King just posted (on December 25) an excellent demo video of the pickups on YouTube, so you can hear them in action as well as learn more about their unique features.

Dialtones are billed as the first and only pickups that allows players to adjust the unit’s resonant frequency and Q-value, “unlocking a previously untapped and impressively wide range of sounds,” according to the company, “and allowing players to color and enhance the natural tones already contained (but previously constricted) within their guitars.”

The pickups have a resonant frequency range of 317-5,000 and a Q-value range of 0.33-7.43. “This translates to thousands of great combinations using the two dials built in to each pickup,” notes Dialtone. “Once the desired setting is found, the dials can be locked in place, or left unlocked for on-the-fly access to adjustments.”

Dialtone pickups excel at both clean and dirty tones and include a built-in gain adjustment that provides up to 20 times more gain via a control knob on the body of the guitar.

Watch the video to see the Dialtones in action, and visit Dialtone for more information and to order.