Crazy Tube Circuits Releases Phi Compressor Pedal | VIDEO

Crazy Tube Circuits announces Phi Dual Compressor Pedal.
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Crazy Tube Circuits has announced the new Phi Dual Compressor Pedal.

The Φ (Phi) pedal features two studio grade compressors – optical and FET – in a single stompbox format.

The Optical compressor is a hand selected photocell that offers distinctive attack and release characteristics resulting in gentle and musical compression, which is generally not found in typical solid state or tube designs. Players won’t be able to tell when it's on, but it'll be clear when it's gone.

The FET compressor is a highly tweakable compressor with separate controls for attack and release that can be tweaked to sound very clean or colored. Even while at extreme setting, it will color your tone in a musical way, as found in studio classic FET compressors.

The internal circuitry produces 25V DC of clean headroom from a standard 9V supply. Phi will fatten up your tone even with no compression added. The parallel compression technique of blending the compressed signal with the original uncompressed signal will deliver the clarity and precision found in studio recordings.

Superb low-noise performance and full frequency response make Phi ideal for guitar, bass and virtually every stringed instrument either on studio or stage

Phi will be available in the end of August, 2016.

DIRECT PRICE: €250 (approximately $278)

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