Apex Tube Matching Delivers the Best from Power Tubes

Apex Tube Matching is performed in-house on a new custom-built tube matching system.
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CE Distribution is pleased to announce Apex Tube Matching, a new proprietary state-of-the-art power tube matching system.

Apex Tube Matching is performed entirely in-house on the company’s brand-new custom-built tube matching system using its custom-designed software testing and matching methodology. Rather than matching tubes on inferior matching hardware or using outdated equipment, CE Distribution uses state-of-the-art equipment designed and built to its specifications using years of experience in the music industry.

CE Distribution’s systems are highly robust and extremely accurate, measuring current and voltage to provide the best possible matching for its tubes. These systems are a result of many, many years of experience and an incredible amount of planning, design, prototyping and testing, resulting in what the company believes is the best tube matching available in the entire industry.

Apex Matched Tubes are a product of CE Distribution, LLC and are available exclusively through CE Distribution and its authorized retailers. For more detailed information, visit ApexMatching.com.