All-in-One Fusion Guitar Has Built-In Amp and iPhone Dock | VIDEO

Practice, perform, add effects and even record.
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While scouring the Indiegogo crowdfunding site (something we almost never do), we stumbled upon the Fusion Guitar.

Its makers are calling it the "all in one" electric guitar.

While it might look like a regular guitar with a unique shape, it's actually got its own built-in speakers—which is reminiscent of some oddball guitars made in the Sixties. It has two humbuckers, 12-hour battery life and—wait for it—a 20-watt amp that powers the aforementioned speakers.

Its makers also has added an iPhone dock into the mix. An iPhone can be used to select different effects and amp-modeling features, putting everything from distortion to supposedly tube-amp-style tones at your fingertips.

As reports, the iPhone integration lets players follow along with instructional videos or take advantage of apps to improve their skills. You can even record what you're playing, as you're playing it.

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The Fusion guitar works with the iPhone 6, 6S, 5, 5S and fifth-generation iPod Touch. The dock can be removed and swapped out to accommodate different phones.

The Fusion Guitar has a $35,000 flexible funding goal. As of this post, it has received over $273,000, and is 783 percent funded. A $459 contribution will get you a Fusion Guitar plus accessories, and other donation levels are available as well.

We suggest you check out the videos below—if only to watch someone strike strange poses as he rocks out on a beach in Australia. It does, after all, seem like a fine travel guitar. You don't even need to bring an amp with you.