Line 6 Announces Helix Guitar Processor in Floor and Rack Versions

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Line 6 has unveiled Helix, a new tour-ready guitar processor that redefines the sound and feel of modeling

Helix represents a giant leap forward in guitar processing, as well as a new way of thinking about guitarists and their relationship to technology. Every hardware and software component works together to accurately recreate the dynamic feel of tube amplifiers and lush sonic footprint of classic effects pedals.

The breakthrough HX modeling engine uses dual-DSP processing to deliver a level of realism that hasn’t been previously attainable from modeling, and brings along with it an entirely new playing experience.

Helix is powerful but also easy to use, with 12 touch-sensing foot switches, each with a multicolor LED ring and dedicated graphic display, plus a large color LCD and a hands-free editing mode. MIDI and hardware control capabilities and four assignable effects loops make it a comprehensive master controller for guitar systems.

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Helix will be available as a floor pedal and rack version (above), each with the same audio and control capabilities. An optional foot controller (below) will be available for the Helix Rack to provide the touch-sensitive foot switches and display capabilities of the pedal board version.

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The Helix floor pedal will begin shipping at the end of summer 2015 and will have a list price of $1,499. The rack version ($1,499) and foot controller ($499) will be available in the fall. All models will be available through select dealers worldwide. Information about Helix is available online at