Andy Powers Named Partner at Taylor Guitars

As Taylor's Master Builder, Powers was the mastermind behind the company's V-Class bracing system.
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Taylor has announced that Master Builder Andy Powers is joining the company's co-founders, Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug, as its third partner.

“I’m thrilled to build guitars and continue this fascinating work I’ve been pursuing since I was a young boy,” Powers said in a statement. “It’s a genuine pleasure to be able to design the best instruments I can and, within the context of Taylor Guitars, have an opportunity to serve musicians around the world.” 

In his capacity as Taylor's Master Builder, Powers has made a significant impact on the company, and on the acoustic guitar industry as a whole. 

Powers was the mastermind behind the V-Class bracing system, an innovative move away from the X-bracing designs that have defined acoustic guitar manufacturing for over 150 years. He also designed Taylor's new Grand Pacific body shape, and was the architect of its acclaimed Builder's Edition series of acoustics.

“Kurt and I have been the sole owners of Taylor Guitars for decades,” Taylor said. “Andy is the best guitar builder I have ever met, and I believe the best alive today. If anyone ever deserved to be called ‘partner’ with me and Kurt, it is Andy. He’s vital to our future, and together as we combine our talents, we can bring a great musical experience to our customers.”

“It is with deep appreciation and excitement that I partner with Kurt and Bob, as we continue to uphold the business of fine instrument making,” Powers added. “We have the opportunity to continue lighting a way in our industry, and I’m thrilled to embrace the work leading us into a bright future.” 

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