Happy Halloween! Win a Pedal from Dana's Test Stash!

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Below is a little music-video tribute to Link Wray for Halloween.

But wait! It's also a giveaway!

Correctly identify any five of the film clips used in the video (the movie title is all you need), send your guesses to mmolenda@nbmedia.com with the subject line "Halloween," and five individual winners (with the correct answers, of course) will be selected at random to win one pedal from Dana's Pedal Stash of stompboxes reviewed by the GP editors this year.

Contest deal is the same as the "GP50" pedal giveaways Dana — Guitar Player's gear coordinator — has been awarding throughout 2017 for the magazine's 50th anniversary: All pedals are "as is," as they have been used and reviewed in the pages of GP

Contest deadline is Friday, November 3, 2017, at 12 midnight Pacific Time.

Have fun, good luck, and Happy Halloween!

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 Dana Parker — Your friendly GP gear coordinator.