Guitar Player Records AWESOME INSTRUMENTALS Contest!

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Guitar PlayerRecords is reaching out to the guitar-playing community for instrumental-guitar tracks to release on a compilation series entitled Awesome Instrumentals.

The debut release is Awesome Instrumentals Volume One: Stormy Weather.

We are looking for guitar-instrumental tracks that evoke tempests that exist in nature (rain, snow, thunder, evil clouds, etc.) or within human emotions (fear, anger, sadness, distress, etc.).

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Got questions?

Here are some answers for you...

What Is It Exactly?

The Awesome Instrumentals series is what you could call an egalitarian project. For each release in the series, we will select guitar instrumental tracks from five female and five male guitarists of any age, experience or technical level, or style (rock, metal, jazz, blues, funk, rockabilly, soul, shred, acoustic, and so on). We aren’t segregating anything, because the series is solely about great guitar instrumentals from any and all guitarists. We’ll also mix renowned guitar stars who are friends of the magazine with unknown players or regional/local guitar heroes. Each release will have a theme—Volume One is “Stormy Weather”—that the included guitar instrumentals must evoke, suggest, imply, or cinematically conjure.

Who Are The Partners?

NewBay Media (the company that publishes Guitar Player—as well as Bass Player, Keyboard, Electronic Musician, Guitar World, Guitar Aficionado, Mix, and Revolver), Mi5 Recordings, and Universal Music Group (as distributor).

How Do I Submit My Track?

Easy. Send an email with the subject line “Awesome Instrumentals” to and attach an mp3, or include a link to a YouTube video or a SoundCloud file. If we select your track for inclusion on Awesome Instrumentals Volume One: Stormy Weather, we may ask for a .WAV file or another other digital-audio file. IMPORTANT: Be sure to include your contact info—name, address, email, and phone. Obviously, your selection chances greatly improve if you are well aware of what a guitar instrumental is—an original melody performed on guitar (single-note or chord melody) and NO vocals. (If you need references, check out YouTube for Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, The Ventures, Dick Dale, etc.).

What Is the DEADLINE for Submissions?

We are accepting submissions of your fab guitar instrumentals only until 11:59 pm on Halloween, October 31, 2016. (We don’t want to push our luck with the demons!)

How Will Awesome Instrumentals Be Released and Distributed?

Mi5 Recordings/UMG will handle the release and distribution via all the usual digital channels (iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, etc.).

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How Will Awesome Instrumentals Be Marketed and Promoted?

Guitar Player magazine and its media channels (, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) will promote the compilations with print and online content.

Do I Get Paid For My Master Recording?

Sorry, but no. You are “donating” your track for the cause, as we couldn’t make this series happen from a business standpoint if Guitar Player Records had to reimburse recording costs or other expenditures.

Well, Do I At Least Get Royalties For Sales?

Yes. Of course. If we select your track, we’ll send you a deal memo/contract with all the details. However, be aware that you will be sharing sales revenue with your partners in this endeavor—meaning NewBay Media, Mi5 Recordings, UMG, and the nine other artists included on the compilation. We suggest waiting for another financial windfall before you order that new Tesla.

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Why Would I Want To Do This?

Your call on that one. But I would say this: Your instrumental will be on a Guitar Player-branded label, administrated by the groovy and well-respected Mi5 Recordings, distributed by the music giant that is Universal Music Group, and promoted and marketed in the pages of Guitar Player magazine and its online and social networks. That’s a ton of visibility and bragging rights!

When Will Volume One Be Released?

The final release date will hinge on when we can select and collect the ten tracks. We’re hoping for a late 2106 or an early 2017 release.

Do You Know What The Theme of Volume Two Is?

Nope. We are awaiting divine inspiration—and could we get Volume One launched first, please?

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Who Took Those Awesome Storm Photos?

Matt Granz. You can see more of his work here.

What If I Have Other Questions?

Email them to GP Editor in Chief Michael Molenda at

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