Guitar Player Presents and SFJAZZ Welcome Vernon Reid’s Band of Gypsys Revisited to San Francisco—Win Tickets!

GP Presents will be at the SFJAZZ Center in the heart of San Francisco, California, on October 28, where Vernon Reid will honor the great Jimi Hendrix.
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To celebrate Jimi Hendrix’s 75th birthday last year, Vernon Reid put together a tribute focused on the Band of Gypsys album, and he’s taking the show to San Francisco on the last weekend in October. Vernon Reid’s Band of Gypsys Revisited will play two shows on Saturday the 27th and another pair on Sunday the 28th at SFJAZZ Center’s Joe Henderson Lab. Guitar Player Presents will be onsite Sunday with free magazines, D’Addario goodies and a Mesa/Boogie pedal raffle.

Ever since his band Living Colour burst onto the national consciousness in the late ’80s with its breakthrough hit “Cult of Personality,” Reid has drawn comparisons to Hendrix for reasons that go way deeper than being a black guitar hero playing heavy rock and roll. Like Hendrix, Reid has always pushed the limits of the electric guitar technically and sonically, especially via far-out whammy bar manipulations.

By 1970, Hendrix had moved beyond the psychedelic pop rock of the Experience and was on a funkier, more improvisational path documented on Band of Gypsys featuring Billy Cox on bass and Buddy Miles on drums. It still stands as one of the greatest live albums ever, and serves as a Rosetta Stone for rock guitar players interested in jazz and vice versa.

Reid’s jazz credits include being a member of Ornette Coleman Prime Time drummer Ronald Shannon Jackson’s Decoding Society, as well playing in a tribute to Tony Williams Lifetime with Jack Bruce, John Medeski, and Cindy Blackman-Santana. Carlos Santana showed up and sat in with that band when GP Presents helped promote their show at Yoshi’s in 2011. Reid’s Band of Gypsys Revisited features André Lassalle (Miles Davis, John Scofield) on guitar and vocals, Jared Michael Nickerson (Charlie Musselwhite) on bass and vocals, and James Rouse (Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder) on drums. 

We can’t promise any superstar sit-ins, but you won’t know how it goes down unless you show up. We can promise a night of superlative guitar inspired by arguably the greatest guitar hero of all time performed by a modern maestro in the very accessible Joe Henderson Lab at SFJAZZ Center. 

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For a chance to win a pair of tickets to see GP Presents Vernon Reid’s Band of Gypsys Revisited click here and put “Reid” in the subject of your email. Include a sentence about yourself and why you want to go. Phone contact greatly appreciated for confirmation. Winner must provide his or her own transportation to the SFJAZZ Center in San Francisco, California, on October 28th, and have his or her own accommodations in the Bay Area. Best of luck. 

GP Presents Vernon Reid’s Band of Gypsys Revisited

Sunday, October 28

SFJAZZ Center, Joe Henderson Lab

201 Franklin Street
San Francisco, CA 94102


7pm and 8:30pm shows