Jude Gold

Jude Gold

Los Angeles Editor, Guitar Player

After becoming a full-time Guitar Player editor in 2001, Jude Gold went on to write cover stories on every guitar hero from Slash and Brad Paisley to Pat Metheny and Neal Schon. He also hosts the No Guitar Is Safe podcast – “The guitar show where guitar heroes plug in” – which now has over 160 episodes (and counting!) you can stream for free. 

In 2009, Jude moved to Los Angeles, where he became director of the guitar program at Musicians Institute (GIT). Then, in 2012, Jude joined Jefferson Starship and has been lead guitarist for the iconic rock band ever since. No matter which musical adventure Jude is on, though, he maintains his role as Los Angeles Editor of Guitar Player

To see Jude’s “full contact” guitar style in action, check out his rendition of “Funkytown." Notably, after seeing this video, guitar legend Joe Satriani raved, “Jude’s ‘Funkytown’ is killin’!”

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