Godlyke releases Power-Grip Pedal Mounting Tape

July 13, 2010

0.0000.godlykegripGodlyke, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Power-All Power-Grip pedal mounting tape. Power-Grip is the perfect solution for mounting effect pedals securely to any pedalboard.

Unlike traditional “hook and loop” fasteners which require a male and a female side, Power-Grip mates to itself via rows of small, mushroom-shaped stems that form an incredibly strong bond with one another. The Power-Grip mounting surface does not collect dirt and debris and has a longer lifespan than hook and loop fasteners.

In addition, the backing adhesive used on Power-Grip is temperature and weather resistant. When left to cure for 24 hours, the adhesive forms a near-permanent bond to smooth surfaces such as metal or plastic.

Power-Grip comes packaged in 1-meter rolls (approx. 39"), which is enough tape to mount a minimum of six standard-sized effect pedals. Power-Grip list/street price is $24.95/$17.50 per roll. 

Please view our Power-Grip instructional video here.

For more information on Power-Grip and the complete line of Power-All products, visit our website at www.godlyke.com or call us toll-free 1-866-246-3595 (973-777-7477 for international callers).

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