Dunlop releases limited-edition Jimi Hendrix 70th Anniversary Tribute Series pedals

November 19, 2012
November 2012 marks Jimi Hendrix’s 70th birthday, and Dunlop is celebrating it by releasing the limited edition Jimi Hendrix 70th Anniversary Tribute Series. It’s made up of the four effects that were crucial to Hendrix’s signal chain: Fuzz Face, CryBaby, Octavio and Univibe. Designed by the MXR team, the Fuzz Face, Octavio and Univibe come in Phase 90-sized housings with modern upgrades such as true bypass switching, bright LEDs and 9-volt power jacks. The Jimi Hendrix Signature Cry Baby comes in a slick gloss black finish and, along with the other three pedals, is adorned with art inspired by John Van Hamersveld’s classic poster from Hendrix’s 1968 Shrine Auditorium gig.
To further the celebration, Dunlop is offering the opportunity for one lucky player to win a prize package containing one of each of these great signature Hendrix Tribute Series effects. Enter here.
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