Budda Amplification Bully now shipping

August 15, 2013
Budda Amplification is now shipping the Bully head. The Bully features three channels: clean, rhythm and lead, all with independent 3-band EQ, reverb control, effects loops with send and return levels, plus separate resonance and presence controls.With a 120-Watt power section driven by four EL-34 tubes, and a preamp consisting of seven dual triode 12AX7 tubes, the Bully also features dual 5U4 rectifier tubes and a solid-state rectifier. Budda's patent-pending PowerPan variable rectification control allows players to select tube rectification, diode rectification, or anywhere in between.
The Budda Bully also features a ½ power switch for operating the amplifier in either ½ power or full power mode. Using the ½ power switch along with the PowerPan feature allows the output of the amp to vary between 25 and 120 watts. The Bully even contains a backup rectifier tube in case of tube failure.
Each channel also features a footswitchable lead boost called Overboost that is 100 percent tube driven. The back panel features an amplifier chain section with a power-amp in/preamp-out jack and a slave output, impedance selector and MIDI in/through for use in professional MIDI switching rigs.
Learn more about the Bully at your local Budda dealer or at www.budda.com.
Budda Bully Features:
●     High quality audio grade resistors and poly caps throughout
●     MIDI control over channel switching with MIDI IN/THROUGH jacks
●     Slave output plus Power-amp input/Pre-amp output
●     Separate spring reverb control on each channel
●     Specially designed 10-button multi-function footcontroller (included)
●     3 channels, clean, rhythm and lead
●     Separate 3 band passive EQ on each channel
●     Silent LDR MIDI channel switching
●     Separate resonance & presence controls on each channel
●     4xEL34 120w power section, 7x12AX7 preamp section and 2 5U4 rectifier tubes for rectifier tube failure back-up
●     LED indication of correct output tube biasing
●     Footswitchable Master Boost with user defined boost level
●     Rectifier can use 5U4, 5A4 or GZ34 tubes
●     'Overboost' feature on each channel
●     High and low level 1/4" inputs
●     Power amp can use 6L6GC or EL34 tubes (plus KT66, KT88 5881 and 6CA7 with re-biasing)
●     Separate effects loops on each channel with send and return level adjustments. Channel 2's loop can be used as global loop
●     Patent pending PowerPan rectifier selector knob
●     Ceramic tube sockets
●     Rear panel impedance selector
●     Massive custom designed output transformer
●     Stores 9 custom presets, and provides extensive MIDI control for automation
●     Weight Unpacked: 59.30 lb(26.9 kg)
●     Weight Packed: 73.85 lb(33.5 kg)
●     Width Packed: 18.25"(46.355 cm)
●     Height Packed: 32"(81.28 cm)
●     Depth Packed: 14.5"(36.83 cm)
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