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Get Up To $90 Off BBE Effects Gear in this Early Black Friday Deal

BBE pedals and Supa-Charger power supply
(Image credit: BBE)

As far as Black Friday deals on effects pedals and pedalboard supplies go this one, offering up to $90 off BBE pedals at Sweetwater, is hard to beat.

Sweetwater have slashed prices on a range of BBE effects gear in a big way. While stocks last you can now pick up the Supa-Charger pedalboard power supply – as used by Billie Joe Armstrong – for just $79.99. Similarly, the BBE Two Timer dual-mode all-analog delay pedal can be bagged for only $79.99.

And it doesn't stop there. The other stompboxes in this early Black Friday deal can be had for under $50! These include the award-winning Boosta Grande transparent clean boost; VariComp compressor; Blacksmith distortion; and 427 distortion.

Up to $90.00 Off

BBE Pedals & Power Supply: Up to $90.00 Off
In this amazing deal prices on several pro analog effects pedals have been slashed to under $50. These include the ‘Marshall-in-a-box’ Blacksmith distortion and its sibling the 427; the vintage vibe VariComp compressor; and the Guitar Player Editors’ Pick award-winning Boosta Grande booster. Meanwhile, the Two Timer dual-mode bucket brigade delay and Supa-Charger power supply are now just $79.99.

Based in California, BBE Sound has been providing the music industry with top grade products since 1985. Spearheaded by pro guitarist and effects guru Paul Gagon BBE’s extensive list of pedal users includes the likes of Marty Friedman, Misha Mansoor, and James "Munky" Shaffer.

Advancing a concept originally developed by pedal guru Paul Gagon back in the ‘80s when he was working with electric guitar legends such as Jeff Beck and Steve Vai the Blacksmith distortion recreates that classic Marshall tone – and some!

The pedal’s 3-band PLEX-EQ is derived from a ’69 Plexi and is flexible enough to generate a huge range of sounds from deep, thunderous lows to bright, sparkling highs – not to mention the all-important scooped tone that remains so popular.

Gagon’s 427 dirtbox is derived from the LED-based distortion circuit of the Blacksmith and features an early ‘70s Electro-Harmonix Pig Muff Pi-inspired single-knob EQ section.

We were so impressed with the BBE Boosta Grande booster that we gave it the Guitar Player Editors’ Pick award. Featuring a smaller encloser this simple single-knob stompbox generates a powerful 20db of clean boost designed to fold up the front end of your amp into luscious overdrive without losing its fundamental character.

Inspired by those vintage classics the Ross Compressor and MXR Dynacomp the BBE VariComp is designed to deliver that benchmark squish we’re all familiar with as heard on tracks like “Sultans of Swing” and “Sweet Home Alabama.”

The Two Timer analog delay is like having two echo pedals in one. While its time-honored bucket brigade circuit delivers warm, musical tone two independent delay times allow for a choice of sounds. Need to instantly switch between slapback and longer tape delay-style repeats? No problem!             

With the ability to power up to eight effects pedals the BBE Supa-Charger has been the power supply of choice for pro players for years. With 9V, 12V, and 16V operation along with the ability to switch between 110V and 220V mains supply this flexible unit can keep you powered in virtually any situation.

If you’re looking for more great deals like this check out our Black Friday Guitar Deals page where you can browse hot bargains on all kinds of guitar-related products.

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