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Black Friday Guitar Deals 2022

Black Friday Guitar Deals 2022
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Black Friday is over for another year, but there are still plenty of live deals to be had. If you missed out yesterday, then don't worry - we'll be covering the very best remaining Black Friday guitar deals right here.

If you want to dive straight into the deals, there are two places we'd recommend you head first: at Guitar Center there is a live Black Friday sale in play with big discounts to be had on Fender, Epiphone, Boss, D'Angelico and more until November 28

Best Black Friday guitar deals 2021

Then we'd suggest heading to Sweetwater, where their up to 70% off Black Friday guitar sale is live. Here you'll find discount on Fender, Squier, Boss, Line 6, Orange and more, until November 27.

For those who are unaware, Black Friday is a time when some of the biggest guitar and music shops - both online and bricks and mortar stores - apply massive discounts to guitar gear, from acoustic and electric guitars, to guitar amps, multi-effects pedals and loads more, and the biggest deals are live now! If you're looking to land yourself one of the Black Friday guitar deals that are still available, this page is the place for you.

With so much on offer, it can be overwhelming and difficult to cut through the noise but don't worry, we'll be working around the clock to deliver the latest information on where to find the best deals.

Black Friday guitar deals: Quick links

Black Friday guitar deals: Top deals

PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow: Save 15%

PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow: Save 15%
This is an unusually voiced PRS at an unexpectedly low price. What makes it desirable is what lies beyond that f-hole – space. Its semi-hollow build blesses it with outstanding resonance, impressive mids and a sweet, airy tone. Make no mistake though, it doesn't want for muscle. Those 85/15 S dual, coil tapped pups may lend remarkable clarity and extended frequency response to this SE, but spin the volume knobs and they pack a real punch. Photos just can't do justice to the beauty of the 'hog body, with its gorgeous quilted maple top, but trust us, it looks stunning.

Squier 60s CV Esquire: was $479.99, now $429.99

Squier 60s CV Esquire: was $479.99, now $429.99
A great for an iconic model of guitar. Far from being a poor relation to the Telecaster, the Esquire is a sonically distinct classic in its own right, used by Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett, Jeff Beck and The Eagles’ Joe Walsh. This Squier FSR (Fender Special Run) is a loving recreation, a tribute to the history of guitar that still stands up in the 21st century. 

T-Rex Diva Drive Overdrive: Was $129.00, now $63.99

T-Rex Diva Drive Overdrive: Was $129.00, now $63.99
One of the best and most versatile TS-style overdrives we’ve heard in ages. As well as packing the legendary JRC4558 op-amp – as found in vintage TS pedals – for juicy, mid-boosted gain, the Diva Drive boasts a mix control for blending the overdriven signal with your clean tone, while a three-way low-end boost control tailors the bass response to your guitar. The mix is handy for retaining clarity with extended chords, while the low-end switch is an easy win for filling in the gaps in your sound. It was expensive, but now?

Fender Player Telecaster Plus: $829.99

Fender Player Telecaster Plus: $829.99, now $699.99
Fender's Player Telecaster Plus is a fantastic option for those seeking the unique sound only a Telecaster provides, but with a sleek modern edge. The inclusion of a flame maple veneer and striking Blue Burst finish gives this already stunning electric a killer new look, and with $300 off at Musician's Friend, it gets even better. 

Epiphone Hummingbird EC Studio: $479

Epiphone Hummingbird EC Studio: $479, now $379
Regardless of style, from heavy strumming to light fingerstyle, it's all nectar to the Hummingbird. This iconic acoustic looks like a dread and can sound like a dread, but it has a softer, more tender side too. Fantastic build quality, a solid spruce top and Fishman electronics make this 'bird an absolute bargain at $379 at Guitar Center.

Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass HH: $479

Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass HH: $479, $429
Sweetwater has knocked $50 off their exclusive Active Squier Jazz Bass in Satin Black, so you can lay down those punchy basslines knowing you've got the power to back up your playing. The 5-string version is on sale too, if 4 just isn't enough.

Boss Pocket GT: was $249.99, now $149.99

Boss Pocket GT: was $249.99, now $149.99
The Boss Pocket GT is a pocket-size guitar processor with integrated features for YouTube learning and everyday playing. It hass the same sound engine as Boss' GT-1 floor processor, and packs 99 user memories. It's a great new way to practice or jam, no matter where you are. 

Truefire All-Access: was $249, now $99

Truefire All-Access: was $249, now $99
Truefire's Black Friday Blitz has several time-limited deals, but perhaps the greatest is the annual all-access deal. $99 for access to all the guitar tuition you can manage for a year? I don't know how much you're paying for real-life guitar lessons, but this is going to put our guitar tutor out of a job. (Sorry Dave.)

Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel: was $99

Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel: was $99, now 29.99
Producer Eddie Kramer has worked with Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Stones and many more. Here, you can get his guitar processing chain, all in one place. There's dynamics, modulation, EQ and delay. Get the sound of classic rock for less!

UniTune Clip-on Chromatic Tuner: was $29, now $9.99

UniTune Clip-on Chromatic Tuner: was $29, now $9.99
If, like us, your tuner is always in the wrong room just when you want it, Sweetwater are offering an amazing 65% off this clip-on chromatic tuner from TC Electronic/UniTune. Grab yourself a spare at almost a third of the price.

Black Friday guitar deals: Electric guitars

Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro V:  $1,999

Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro V: $1,999, Now 1,599
With $400 off, this Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro V comes in a choice of two satin finishes: Iced Tea (pictured) and Wine Red. Gibson’s iconic solidbody design is seen here with all the essential appointments but it also has some extra mojo happening under the hood in the form of a weight relieved body and advanced pickup controls including coil split, coil tap, and phasing options.

Squier Jazzmaster: $449.99,

Squier Jazzmaster: $449.99, Now $349.99
Guitar Center have knocked $100 off the price of this cool Fender Squier Classic Vibe '60s Jazzmaster. Sporting a ‘60s-style Daphne Blue finish – one of Fender’s oldest original custom colors – this retro tone machine is loaded with two 'soapbar' Alnico single coil pickups and the classic Lead/Rhythm circuit controls of the original model. A vintage-style "tremolo" system allows for expressive real time vibrato effects.

Gretsch G5427T Hollowbody:  $899.99

Gretsch G5427T Hollowbody: $899.99, Now $699.99
Guitar Center have lopped a massive $200 off the price of this awesome Gretsch Electromatic hollowbody electric guitar. Bringing to mind those classic designs of the 1950s this uber-cool Gretsch features dual FT-5E Filter’Tron pickups, a fixed fully adjustable bridge, and a Bigsby B60 vibrato tailpiece. Its gorgeous flame maple top is complimented by a retro Orange Stain finish.

Epiphone ES-335:  $599

Epiphone ES-335: $599, Now $479
Guitar Center have cut the price on this Inverness Green finish Epiphone ES-335 Traditional Pro from $599 down to $479 – an instant saving of $120. This bargain axe honors Gibson’s traditional double-cutaway laminated maple semi-hollow body/mahogany neck 335 design, while a pair of splittable, higher output Alnico Classic PRO humbuckers provide a more modern tone.

Epiphone Les Paul Custom:  $729

Epiphone Les Paul Custom: $729, Now $629
This limited-edition Epiphone Les Paul Custom in Silver Burst finish has been reduced from $729 to $629 – that’s an incredible saving of $100! As per the original single-cutaway design of the 1950s this guitar boasts a mahogany body and mahogany neck with an ebony fingerboard. Its quality appointments include Grover tuners, a LockTone ABR bridge, and ProBucker humbucking pickups.

Fender Squier Jaguar:  $479.99

Fender Squier Jaguar: $479.99, Now $389.99
In this fantastic Black Friday deal at Guitar Center you can save a massive $90 on the price of a Fender Squier Classic Vibe '70s Jaguar in limited-edition Daphne Blue finish. This guitar has all the vintage-style appointments that made the Jag so popular when it was released in the early ‘60s, including Lead and Rhythm pickup circuits, short 24” scale length, and smooth action vibrato system.

Fender Player Strat Ltd Ed: 

Fender Player Strat Ltd Ed: $799.99, now $699.99
Guitar Center are now offering $100 off the price of this limited-edition Pearl Green finish Player Series Stratocaster. This unique custom color-style instrument features an alder body and maple neck with a 22-fret, 9.5” radius maple fingerboard. Modern appointments provide this Strat with a player-friendly feel while its retro finish and mint green ‘guard give it a cool vintage vibe.

Gretsch G2420T Streamliner:  $549.99

Gretsch G2420T Streamliner: $549.99, now $349.99
Musician’s Friend have dramatically cut the price on this awesome Bigsby-equipped hollowbody electric guitar. Normally priced at $549.99 the Gretsch G2420T Streamliner has now been reduced to only $349.99 – that’s a massive saving of $200! With its dual Broad'Tron humbucking pickups, classic Bigsby vibrato, and single-cutaway laminated maple body this vintage vibe Walnut stain finish hollowbody offers something truly unique.

Friedman NoHo 24:  Up to $300 Off

Friedman NoHo 24: Up to $300 Off
Sweetwater are currently offering hundreds of dollars off the price of Friedman NoHo 24s. With gear legends Dave Friedman and Grover Jackson combining forces these masterfully crafted superstrats scream high-quality. Featuring alder bodies, super solid maple necks, Friedman Triple D ‘buckers, and premium hardware these electric guitars are built for the serious player and are ready to rock straight out of the case.

Fender Squier Esquires:  $479.99, now $429.99

Fender Squier Esquires: $479.99, now $429.99
Sweetwater have dropped the price on these Fender Squier Classic Vibe '60s Custom Esquires. Available here in a choice of two classic finishes – 3-color sunburst and black – the Esquire was the first “electric Spanish” guitar Fender released back in 1950 and was famously used by Syd Barrett and Jeff Beck. This rare bargain is available exclusively at Sweetwater now while stocks last.

G&L Fullerton Deluxe ASAT:  $1,849.99

G&L Fullerton Deluxe ASAT: $1,849.99, now $1,599.99
This limited-edition version of Leo Fender's iconic single-cut guitar has been Sweetwater-spec'd with the coolest of features. A light, resonant single-piece swamp ash body has been tastefully contoured and finished in Clear Orange, while more modern appointments such as a Leo Fender-designed MFD bridge pickup, ASAT Special Jumbo neck pickup, and 22-fret fingerboard with a 9.5” radius advance the Telecaster design.

Fender Player Strat HSS: $859.99

Fender Player Strat HSS: $859.99, now $699.99
Priced well under a grand this limited-edition Fender Player Stratocaster HSS Plus Top is one of the best value electric guitars around. And with $160 off at Guitar Center this gorgeous Sienna Sunburst finish Strat just got even more attractive. Sporting an eye-catching flame maple cap and HSS pickup configuration Fender’s ultimately versatile design has been souped up to deliver even greater breadth of tone.

Squier Classic Vibe '60s Strat: $449.99

Squier Classic Vibe '60s Strat: $449.99, now $399.99
Olympic White Strats were elevated to iconic status after Jimi Hendrix was regularly pictured playing them. And with its dark Indian Laurel fingerboard, mint green pickguard, and vintage-style Synchronized Tremolo, this Squier Stratocaster has got that classic '60s vibe in spades. Perfect for beginners or more advanced players looking to customise their own instrument. Bag this bargain deal from Sweetwater while stocks last.

Epiphone Les Paul Custom: was $729

Epiphone Les Paul Custom: was $729, now $629
Guitars don’t come much classier than this limited-edition Inspired By Gibson Epiphone "Tuxedo" Les Paul Custom. Thanks to the Antique Ivory finish, it's a drop-dead stunner, and it’s got the tones to match, which arrive courtesy of the creamy ProBuckers. Its spec sheet has got the DNA of a classic Gibson, but the unique aesthetics will ensure you stand out in a sea of regular old burst-finished Les Pauls.

Squier Classic Vibe '60s Mustang: $449.99

Squier Classic Vibe '60s Mustang: $449.99, $379.99
The Mustang is a bonafide grunge icon  - its fabulously wonky body has inspired a generation of rebellious musicians and with $70 off right now at Musician’s Friend, you too can join the ranks of alt-rock royalty. The Olympic White also has a sizable saving, if that’s more your style. 

Ibanez GRGR120EX: Save 15%

Ibanez GRGR120EX: Save 15%
Whether you’re a new player on the lookout for a great beginner electric guitar, or a more seasoned player looking to add an axe to the rack, you won’t go far wrong with the Ibanez GRGR120EX. It’s price-defying features include a sustain-promising poplar body, effortlessly playable 24-fret New Zealand Pine fretboard and a tonally vast pair of Ibanez Infinity humbuckers.

Schecter C-1 Platinum: Save 15%

Schecter C-1 Platinum: Save 15%
If you’ve got a little extra budget to spend – but are still looking to save where possible – the Schecter C-1 Platinum is a solid all-rounder electric guitar. Boasting an undeniably metal aesthetic – with a Translucent Black finish and gothic-style fretboard inlays, this guitar is spec’d to impress, with an Ultra Access neck joint for uninhibited soloing and a pair of EMG 81/85 humbucking pickups for a wealth of both clean and dirty tones. 

Relish Trinity Electric guitar: $1,299

Relish Trinity Electric guitar: $1,299, now $999
Now for something a little bit different. Relish has been manufacturing boutique, high-end instruments with their signature pickup-switching system for some time, and the Trinity series sees that same versatility but with a much more palatable price tag. Right now you can save $300 while stocks last at Sweetwater. 

Schecter Guitar Research C-6 Elite: $299.99

Schecter Guitar Research C-6 Elite: $299.99, $254.99
Save a cool $45 on this shred-ready slab of Aquaburst beauty at Guitar Center. Equipped with Schecter Diamond Plus pickups, a thin C-shaped neck and 25.5" scale length, this double cutaway machine would make a killer beginner electric.

Gretsch Guitars G2420T Streamliner: $549.99

Gretsch Guitars G2420T Streamliner: $549.99, $349.99
Gretsch Streamliner guitars are excellent value at full price, so this Guitar Center deal makes the G2420T an unmissable guitar. This maple-bodied, Bigsby-rocking hollowbody nails that signature Gretsch tone precisely, in no small part due to the wonderfully sonic BroadTron humbucking pickups. You know you've always wanted one…

Schecter DEMON-7: Save 15%

Schecter DEMON-7: Save 15%
Nothing screams metal more than a Schecter electric, and no Schecter screams metal louder than a seven-string. If you live to play at the darker, hellish fringes of music then this Demon is the one for you. It sports a basswood body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard and Seymour Duncan Designed HB-107 active pups that are powerful enough to wake the dead.

Black Friday guitar deals: Acoustic guitars

Fender FA-135CE Concert:  $209.99

Fender FA-135CE Concert: $209.99, Now $149.99
Guitar Center are now offering a fantastic money saving deal on this Fender FA-135CE Concert electro-acoustic guitar. This Black Friday weekend, they have slashed the price by 29% from $209.99 down to just $149.99 – that’s an instant saving of $60. Available in a choice of three finishes including natural, sunburst, and black this guitar’s single-cutaway design allows for easy upper fret access while a Fishman pickup/preamp system means it’s ready to hit the stage.

Martin GPC Style 10:  $799.99

Martin GPC Style 10: $799.99, Now $699.99
This Martin Special Road Series GPC Style 10 electro-acoustic is available now at Guitar Center with $100 knocked off the standard price of $799.99. Now down to just $699.99 this Grand Performance-size cutaway model from Martin’s Road Series range appears in style 10 sapele (aka sapele mahogany) and comes fitted with a Fishman MX-T electronics package featuring a built-in soundhole tuner.

Ukutune Ukuleles:  Up to 50% Off

Ukutune Ukuleles: Up to 50% Off
Half price deals and more are now live at Ukutune where they are offering some of the best pre-Black Friday savings on ukuleles around. Prices on the Ukulele specialist’s UKA1 Ash Wood Tenor models in Matte Green and Matte Blue finishes have been reduced by 50% to only $69.99! Meanwhile, the natural finish UKM1 Solid Mahogany Wood Concert Ukulele and the UKE1 Solid Spruce Wood Concert Ukulele (pictured) are also now on sale.

Orangewood Acoustic Guitars: Up to 25% Off

Orangewood Acoustic Guitars: Up to 25% Off
You could save hundreds of dollars with up to 25% off in this incredible Black Friday event at Orangewood Guitars. Proudly designed by a team of musicians in Los Angeles, Orangewood’s Black Friday sale includes a selection of ukuleles, dreadnoughts and small-bodied acoustics with a variety of features. Spruce tops, mahogany tops, cutaways, and fully-fitted pickup systems – there’s something for everybody.

Epiphone Dove Studio Ltd Ed: $459.99

Epiphone Dove Studio Ltd Ed: $459.99, $389
With its ornate pickguard, imposing size, and classy appointments, the Epiphone Dove is already an absolutely stunning guitar. Throw in a brilliant white finish and it takes this instrument to a whole new level. Featuring the Fishman Sonitone pickup, this acoustic sounds just as good as it looks.

Martin Special 000: Save 15%

Martin Special 000: Save 15%
The sound of a Martin is known the world over, and now you can bag your very own for a whole lot less. Save a whopping 15% off this all solid Martin at Musician's Friend right now. 

Epiphone Hummingbird EC Studio: $479

Epiphone Hummingbird EC Studio: $479, now $379
Regardless of style, from heavy strumming to light fingerstyle, it's all nectar to the Hummingbird. This iconic acoustic looks like a dread and can sound like a dread, but it has a softer, more tender side too. Fantastic build quality, a solid spruce top and Fishman electronics make this 'bird an absolute bargain at $379 at Guitar Center.

Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar: $169.99

Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar: $169.99, now $127.50
Up until now we'd describe the F335 as affordable, but today a more fitting term has to be 'dirt cheap'. There's no getting away from it, this acoustic is stonking value. Yamaha makes musical instruments that start at a hundred bucks or so and top out at hundreds of thousands (its premium grand pianos are a real treat) but what it doesn't do is make a bad product. Its attention to detail and quality control measures are legendary. This may be an inexpensive guitar, with a laminate spruce top and meranti back and sides, but it's a darned good one. Perfect for beginners, or as a beater for campfire singalongs, open mics and busking. Currently, the F335 is available in Black, Natural and Tobacco Sunburst, but at this price stocks will run low fast. Grab yourself a keeper for the cost of a throwaway.

Martin Special HD28 Dreadnought: $3,399.99

Martin Special HD28 Dreadnought: $3,399.99, $2,999.99
Who doesn't gas for a Martin D28? One of the most iconic acoustic guitars ever, it is perhaps the world's most sought-after dreadnought. We could list all its notable players, but we'd still be typing well into the night, so suffice to say that everyone from Elvis to Jimmy Page has coveted the D28. Here's one of our favorite current models, the HD28 VTS, which is Martin's take on a vintage version. Cosmetically, it resembles the original pre-war D28 with its smart herringbone binding, but the magic's in the X bracing and the aged top. Martin has taken a premium grade slice of Adirondack spruce and temperature aged it using its proprietary VTS system so that it sounds like a guitar from the 1930s. The result is a dread that has a clear, defined treble and midrange tone, with a very balanced, controlled bottom end.

Martin GPC Special Koa X Series: Save 15%

Martin GPC Special Koa X Series: Save 15%
A proper workhorse acoustic, the Martin GPC Special Koa X Series Grand Performance model is built of stunning koa wood – which ages like a fine wine, only promising greater tonal richness with time. Other features include a gorgeous herringbone ink rosette and a hand-rubbed natural birch laminate neck. And here, Musician’s Friend has knocked almost $100 off its price tag.

Martin Special GPC Road Series: Save 15%

Martin Special GPC Road Series: Save 15%
This is one gorgeous acoustic electric at an incredibly reasonable price. Obviously, the spruce top looks out of this world but the glossed etimoe back and sides? The only word is stunning. Being a Martin, it plays and sounds every bit as good as it looks, and the Fishman MX-T pickup system will give your audience a share of all that lush tone too.

Black Friday guitar deals: Bass guitars

Fender P-Bass Ltd Ed:  $824.99

Fender P-Bass Ltd Ed: $824.99, Now $599.99
This Fender Player Series Precision Bass features a unique limited-edition Ocean Turquoise finish, a solid alder body, and a smooth, satin finish maple neck. Normally priced $824.99, Guitar Center have knocked a massive $225 off the price this Black Friday weekend. With Fender on the headstock and a host of classic features its hard to find a better deal on this iconic design.

Squier Active Jazz Bass:  $479.99

Squier Active Jazz Bass: $479.99, now $429.99
A modern twist on Fender’s classic golden era design, the Squier Contemporary Active Jazz Bass HH appears with a satin black finish complete with matching headstock, hardware, and block fingerboard markers. Active electronics comprise dual ceramic humbuckers for outstanding depth and clarity, while a comprehensive set of controls allows for further tonal shaping. It’s slim C-profile neck and 12” fretboard radius enhance that nimble JB feel.

Squier Contemporary Jazz V HH: $529.99

Squier Contemporary Jazz V HH: $529.99, $479.99
And if four strings just ain’t enough, you can get the Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass V HH now for under $500. It’s got a near identical spec sheet to its four-string counterpart, with an ash body, maple neck and fingerboard and Squier SQR ceramic humbucking pickups, and thus is a brilliantly versatile bass that’ll comfortably handle any genre of music. This deal is only available while stocks last, so get on it ASAP if you’re interested...

Sterling Music Man Ray34HH Bass: $1,029.99

Sterling Music Man Ray34HH Bass: $1,029.99, $699.99
The StingRay has been responsible for some of the most legendary bass tones of all time. The thunderous low-end and bright high-end attack make it perfect for aggressive styles of music, and this sinister all-black finish means it now looks the part as well. Right now, you can save $330 at Musician's Friend. 

Black Friday guitar deals: Guitar amps

Positive Grid Spark Bundles:  Up to 40% Off

Positive Grid Spark Bundles: Up to 40% Off
Positive Grid’s Spark practice amp/app deals allow you to add some extras to your black Spark (pictured) or white Spark Pearl while saving up to 40%. Along with a free bespoke-made Spark carry bag you can grab a set of Sennheiser HD200 Pro headphones or the Experience Jimi Hendrix expansion pack for an unbeatable price. A bundle deal with Sennheiser IE40 Pro in-ear monitors is also available.

Hughes & Kettner Nano Amps:  $40 Off

Hughes & Kettner Nano Amps: $40 Off
Sweetwater have lowered the price on their range of Hughes & Kettner 25-watt Nano amps down to $199 in this Black Friday-worthy deal – meaning you can make an instant saving of $40. These awesome little gadgets are small enough to fit into a gig bag and come in three different variations evoking the Spirit of Vintage (pictured), the Spirit of Rock, and the Spirit of Metal.

Blackstar Studio 10 6L6: 

Blackstar Studio 10 6L6: $729.99, now $599.99
The Blackstar Studio 10 6L6 is one great-looking amp with tone to match. 10 watts of power and a single 12-inch Celestion Seventy 80 speaker delivers clear cleans and searing leads whether miked up on stage, in the studio, or during practice. Along with Gain, Tone, Reverb, and Master knobs and a Drive switch the amp’s effects loop and external speaker outputs allow for an endless variety of sounds.

Bad Cat Paw 60W 2x6 Combo: Save 15%

Bad Cat Paw 60W 2x6 Combo: Save 15%
First and foremost, the Paw is a tube amp built on the same preamp as the Bad Cat Cub. Its power amp section produces 60 watts of Class D power and – this is where it gets interesting – can drive either the Paw's internal six-inch speakers or a pair of cabs or a PA. The upshot is that you get that Bad Cat sound in a small stereo amp that's compact enough and handsome enough to use in your living room. Drive it out to a gig though, and you can plug in a pair of cabs. Or hook it up to a PA system or desk via its stereo XLR direct outs and load up an impulse response curve to emulate your favourite speakers. Similarly, it makes a very flexible recording amp in the studio. It really is a do-it-all amp, now at a bargain price.

Bad Cat Hot Cat 30R 1x12 Tube Combo: $1,899

Bad Cat Hot Cat 30R 1x12 Tube Combo: $1,899, $1,614
Bad Cat amp at knock prices don't come along too often. With the Hot Cat you get 30 watts of high-gain British-style pure tube tone, delivered by a 12AX7 preamp and a dual EL34 power amp. There's a sparkly clean channel plus a dirty channel, both with digital reverb.

Black Friday guitar deals: Effects

Catalinbread Belle Epoch Pedals:  20% Off

Catalinbread Belle Epoch Pedals: 20% Off
Catalinbread’s USA-made Belle Epoch Tape Echo and Belle Epoch Deluxe Echo Unit CB-3 delay pedals are now available from Sweetwater with a huge 20% discount. Painstakingly reverse-engineered these truly wonderful-sounding stompboxes provide all the vintage magic of the original Maestro Echoplex EP-3 analog tape echo units. Prized for their luscious delay sounds and overdriven preamp tones these hardwearing pedals are built for life on the road.

J. Rockett Effects Pedals:  $119.00

J. Rockett Effects Pedals: $119.00, Now $59
Get an instant saving of $60 on J. Rockett Audio Designs effects pedals in Sweetwater’s better than half price Black Friday deal. In this awesome money-saving offer you can pick up the Touch Overdrive moderate-gain pedal; the Steampunk Boost/Buffer; the Squeegee Compressor; and the Immortal Echo delay for just $59 each. These boutique-designed stompboxes come in tough steel enclosures and feature a super durable finish.

TC Electronic Pedals & Tuners: Up to $150 Off

TC Electronic Pedals & Tuners: Up to $150 Off
Sweetwater have announced huge savings on TC Electronic pedals and tuners in this early Black Friday deal. There are bargains galore on delay and looper pedals – including the Flashback 2 Mini, Flashback 2 X4, Flashback Triple Delay, Ditto Looper, and Ditto+ Looper – while big savings are now live on the Mimiq Doubler, PLETHORA X5 TonePrint multi-effects pedalboard, and UniTune clip-on chromatic tuners.

T-Rex Diva Drive Overdrive: Was $129.00, now $63.99

T-Rex Diva Drive Overdrive: Was $129.00, now $63.99
One of the best and most versatile TS-style overdrives we’ve heard in ages. As well as packing the legendary JRC4558 op-amp – as found in vintage TS pedals – for juicy, mid-boosted gain, the Diva Drive boasts a mix control for blending the overdriven signal with your clean tone, while a three-way low-end boost control tailors the bass response to your guitar. The mix is handy for retaining clarity with extended chords, while the low-end switch is an easy win for filling in the gaps in your sound. It was expensive, but now?

ProCo RAT2 Bundle: Was $119.99, now $89.99

ProCo RAT2 Bundle: Was $119.99, now $89.99
Level up your dirty tone with one of the most iconic distortion pedals of all time - and bag a host of extras at the same time. Right now, at Guitar Center, you can save $30 on a RAT2, a premium 10ft cable, RAT RPS2 power supply, and a set of RAT branded picks. 

LIne 6 DL4:  $299.99

LIne 6 DL4: $299.99, now $249.99 at Sweetwater
The Line 6 DL4 delay modeller was a game-changer on launch – boasting models of 16 classic delay effects that you'd struggle to get hold of without a formidable overdraft – and is still hard to beat today, especially at this price. It found its way onto the pedalboards of countless pro guitarists, who loved the ability to instantly access three presets and tap tempo, not to mention the 14-second looper.

Behringer Effects Pedals:  Now $18.99

Behringer Effects Pedals: Now $18.99
Sweetwater are offering a range of Behringer pedals priced at an incredible $18.99. Popular among guitarists of all levels these classic stompbox circuits include the SF300 Super Fuzz, HM300 Heavy Metal, VD400 Vintage Delay, and UT300 Ultra Tremolo. Also included in this early Black Friday deal is the V-Tone Guitar GDI 21 – a neat little amp modeler with standard DI and speaker simulation options.

Black Friday guitar deals: Strings

Black Friday guitar deals: Software

Waves early Black Friday deals: Up to 92% off

Waves early Black Friday deals: Up to 92% off
Give your recordings a boost by getting your hands on stone cold Waves classic plugins like H-Reverb Hybrid Reverb, Abbey Road Vinyl and loads more, saving potentially hundreds of dollars in the process. Even better, the more you spend, the bigger the discount gets.

Black Friday guitar deals: Online lessons

1 year Fender Play + Mustang Micro: $330

1 year Fender Play + Mustang Micro: $330, $169.99
This crazy early-Black Friday deal is perfect for guitarists looking to improve their playing for less. For only $129.99, you’ll not only get unlimited access to Fender Play, but you’ll also receive a free Mustang Micro headphone amp, and 10% off all Fender gear for the whole year.

Truefire All-Access: was $249, now $99

Truefire All-Access: was $249, now $99
Truefire's Black Friday Blitz has several time-limited deals, but perhaps the greatest is the annual all-access deal. $99 for access to all the guitar tuition you can manage for a year? I don't know how much you're paying for real-life guitar lessons, but this is going to put our guitar tutor out of a job. (Sorry Dave.)

When will the Black Friday guitar deals arrive?

Black Friday 2021 will land on Friday November 26, the day after Thanksgiving in the US. The deals will extend across that weekend (also known as Cyber Weekend) before finishing up with Cyber Monday guitar deals on Monday November 29.

In our experience these deals won't be restricted to just that four day period though. In the past, some of the best Black Friday guitar deals have emerged well in advance of the event – as early as late-October, so keep checking this page to see what epic deals we uncover. Many deals will hang about until well into December too.

Black Friday guitar deals 2021: what to expect

All the major musical instrument retailers go large when it comes to Black Friday guitar deals, cutting prices on a wealth of products - in the past we've seen huge discounts from Sweetwater, Guitar Center and Musician's Friend, amongst others. 

Not only is Black Friday a great time to get your hands on accessories and more beginner-focused gear, but there's certainly big money to be saved on premium brands like Gibson, Fender and PRS, too. 

The Amazon and Walmart Black Friday sales will be huge, too. Not only do both of these retail giants sell a fair range of music-making gear, but these are also the places to pick up things like wireless headphones, Amazon Echo devices and other smart tech for your home, as well as vinyl, record players and more.

When it comes to the deals themselves, things get a little harder to predict. Deals can land at any time – sometimes even in the middle of the night – so it's important to keep your eye on your favorite retailers so you don't miss out. Signing up to mailing lists and keeping pages like this bookmarked will help you keep on top of the offers.

Some Black Friday guitar deals may stick around for the entirety of Cyber Weekend, while others may only stick around for a matter of hours. Stock levels have also been pretty volatile this year - and we believe there may be fewer units available of the biggest offers - so if you spot a good deal, our advice would be not to sleep on it.

Black Friday guitar deals 2021: how to prepare

If you're thinking that the Black Friday guitar deals may be the best time to finally invest in that new acoustic guitar or add some new additions to your pedalboard, our recommendation would be to get your research done now.

It's also important to be clear on what you actually need so you don't get swept up in deals fever and end up with boxes of stuff that seemed like a good deal at the time but you won't end up using. 

Where possible, make a note of the current price of the gear you're after so that when the time comes you can see whether the deals you're looking at really are as good as they seem.

To help you create your dream shopping list, take some time out to explore our expert buying guides and product reviews.

Black Friday guitar deals: Buying online

If you're concerned about buying a guitar or other gear online on Black Friday without playing it first - and particularly higher-end gear - you really don't have to be. Online music instrument retailers like Guitar Center , Musician’s Friend and Sweetwater offer hassle-free returns as standard, meaning you can purchase a guitar, give it a spin in the comfort and privacy of your own home and send it back without issue if it's not right. 

We'd recommend you check the specific returns policy for the retailer you're thinking of buying from ahead of time, but most offer between 30-45 days to return an item, as long as the item is in original condition.

Black Friday guitar deals 2021: Last year's top deals

Here's a small taste of the Black Friday deals that floated our boat last year. We're expecting all this and more in 2021.

Last year's top Black Friday guitar pedal deals


TC Electronic pedals: were $69, now $39 each, save $30
11 TC effects pedals have received hefty discounts at Guitar Center this year, so if you're looking to expand your pedalboard, now's the time. Chorus, reverb, delay, distortion, drive, overdrive – whatever you're after, all effects are covered in one of the best deals you'll see right now.

Last year's top Black Friday electric guitar deals


Fender Player Strat, Black: $699 $599 at Guitar Center
This limited-edition David Gilmour black Player Strat is your ticket to channeling those Pink Floyd vibes, while its trio of articulate single coil pickups will have your leads shining. This is one crazy diamond of a deal.


Fender Player Tele Plus: $730, now only $600
Who doesn't want a Tele on their guitar rack? Especially one with $130 off the asking price. With a lightweight solid alder body, comfortable C-shaped maple neck and fingerboard and tonally diverse single coil pickups, this Fender Player Telecaster Plus is a total winner.


Gretsch G2657T Streamliner: $549, now $399, save $150
This show-stealer is decked out in a stunning Ocean Turquoise finish and packs Gretsch's Broad'Tron humbucking pickups and a licensed Bigsby vibrato. All this for under $400? No. we're not kidding.

Last year's top Black Friday guitar accesory deals


Ernie Ball Regular Slinky electric strings: 6 sets for $21.99
The perfect blend of durability, performance, sound and price. Get six packs of these ultra-dependable strings for just $21.99 now.

Last year's top Black Friday guitar amp deals


Vox AC30S1 1x12" combo: $899, now $699, save $200
Bag yourself a rock 'n' roll classic for $200 less! This 1x12" Vox AC30 will have you chiming all the way to the tone-bank, with its 12AX7/EL84 valves, single-channel based on the AC30 Top Boost circuit, digital reverb, and Celestion speaker.


Positive Grid Spark amp + bag: $359/£269, now $251/£188
Save 30% off the ever-popular Positive Grid Spark guitar amp. The Spark is packed to the rafters with tones, effects and impressive features, while the free app lets you explore even more. This deal includes the Spark Traveler Gig Bag, so you can keep up your practice routine wherever you go.

Last year's top Black Friday acoustic guitar deals


Epiphone Hummingbird PRO Cutaway: $449, now $379
The finish alone on this Epiphone Hummingbird PRO Cutaway in Wine Red is a head-turner, but that pickguard decal just demands attention. If you're a learner with a little more budget to spend, this guitar will be a worthy ally in your quest for acoustic wizardry.


Martin Special X1-DE Acoustic Electric: $599.99, now $479.99
Martin's affordable X-Series propelled Ed Sheeran to stadiums worldwide. With a high grade solid spruce top, combined with Martin's 'forest-friendly' HPL back and sides, Martin prove that you don't need to break the bank to achieve a fantastic tone. The X1-DE even has a Fishman Sonitone pickup/preamp, which provides a killer natural tone when you need to plug in.