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Pigtronix Power Is Now Shipping

The multi-voltage power supply has enough juice to power the entire line of Pigtronix stompboxes.
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Pigtronix is now shipping Pigtronix Power, its multi-voltage power supply.

From the company:

This brawny power brick provides enough juice to power the entire line of Pigtronix stompboxes as shown in the Guitar World NAMM video below.

Pigtronix Power is a robust analog power supply designed to provide quiet, stable power for high-end guitar effects pedals. Each outlet is isolated from the others, preventing crosstalk or unwanted noise.

• Two 9V outlets @ 100mA
• Two variable (9V/12V/15V/18V) @ 100mA
• Two high-current variable (9V/12V/15V/18V) @ 300mA
• Two high-current 18V @ 300mA
• Switchable for 115V or 230V wall voltage
• Short-Circuit Protection
• Courtesy AC outlet

Included Accessories:
• Five 2.1mm connector 12" cable
• Five 2.1mm connector 24" cable
• Two Daisy chain w/ 5x 2.1mm connector
• One IEC wall plug

DIMENSIONS: 8 5/8 x 3 1/4 x 1 5/8 inches
WEIGHT: 2 lbs, 7.3 oz
PRICE: $299

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