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Boutique Chic: Fano Guitars revisited


By Tor Caracappa, Head of Visual for John Varvatos

In one of the first Boutique Chic entries I spotlighted Fano Guitars. Since then I’ve had the privilege to grow even fonder of this "next generation" of vintage guitars. Just when I think I’ve got them all figured out Mr. Fano reinvents his reinvented wheel, so to speak. In true rock ‘n’ roll form, he has only released visual snippets of his new line but I think the press release sums it up perfectly:

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"What the future looks and feels like—circa the 1950’s. “Alumacrylic” construction features a lightweight acrylic core cut on a water jet and fused to an anodized aluminum skin. Inspired by select design and construction elements of Dan Armstrong plexiglass guitars and Danelectro guitars. Retro-future realized."

Check out the pics, it’s all right there... well, sort of....

For more information visit Fano Guitars