Whack Job: Blich-Chri Clari (Not)

In the latest edition of "Whack Job," take a look at this “Custom Guitar Pedal Weird Tape Noise Thing.”
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My interest in Pedals is very much like my interest in guitars—I love the weirdoes. Blich-Chri refers to this box as a “Custom Guitar Pedal Weird Tape Noise Thing”—which just scratches the surface of its mind-bending effects.


Let’s start with the graphics on the surface of the box. They look a bit like a ransom note cut out of unmatched newspaper fonts. (“wE haVe yOur dAugHter. SeNd $1 miLLion to kEEp heR breAthinG”). But the real weirdness happens when you plug in this circuit-bending marvel.


The Clari (Not) produces a great analog echo, as well as massive tube-style distortion. That might be enough value for what I paid for it, but you can also dial in an LFO (which is sort of like a wobbly octaver) to kick in during the echo trails, or you can process the original dry signal to take you into a scary sci-fi soundtrack mode. The controls are all interactive and fun, and I was like a kid feeling around until I found something I liked. The audio output is super clean, and, on the back of the case, there’s a handwritten schematic of the trim-pot assignments on the circuit board—just in case you want to dial back the distortion, etc.



I paid about 90 bucks, including shipping, and if I use it on just one recording, it has more than paid for itself. The downside is availability. Blich-Chri appears to have taken a powder. My bet is that the company—likely a one-person operation—will resurface soon. For now, you’ll have to comb online sites to spot a used one.


The Clari (Not) is like an old Minimoog. There are so many sonic possibilities that you almost wish it had presets. Of course, that would spoil the fun.

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