Sweetwater and Rob Scallon Construct the World's Largest Pedalboard

The Guinness World Record-shattering effects chain contained 319 pedals, 34 pedalboards and had a value of over $90,000.
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Last month, Sweetwater and popular YouTube guitarist Rob Scallon made history, constructing the largest pedalboard ever. Now, the company has released a video documenting the historic build. 

Featuring 319 pedals, 34 pedalboards and over 500 feet of cable, the combined value of the 70+ foot long effects chain is over $90,000. It featured 1,248 knobs, and required 34 power supplies. You can check out Scallon's demo of the board above.

I, for one, would not want to be the roadie tasked with taking it apart. 

The pedalboard was so outrageous that even Rush's Alex Lifeson turned up to observe, and demo the setup for himself!

The effort - which was assisted by pedal experts Robert Keeley (Keeley Electronics), Josh Scott (JHS Pedals), Ryan Dick (Temple Audio) and Brian Wampler (Wampler Pedals) - shattered the previous Guinness World Record-holding pedalboard, which featured a measly 142 pedals. 

The demo took place at the Clyde Theatre in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which featured one of the only stages in the area large enough to accommodate the Spinal Tap-esque rig.

You can check out the whole, fascinating story of its construction over at sweetwater.com.