Slash and Gibson Debut Limited Edition "Brazilian Dream" Les Paul

The $12,999 instrument features a genuine solid Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard
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Slash and Gibson Guitars have announced their newest collaboration, the Slash Signed 1958 Les Paul Standard “Brazilian Dream.” The limited edition instrument is based on the guitarist’s favorite historic specifications and appointments, with an added feature—a genuine solid Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard.

The inclusion of this highly coveted species of rosewood, which has not been widely available for over 50 years, helps to make the Brazilian Dream both an accurate replica of a golden-era Les Paul and a collectible.

Each Brazilian Dream is hand-signed and -numbered by Slash, and includes an exclusive green-lined Lifton lacquered case and a variety of Slash collateral items. The run of guitars is limited to just 150 instruments.

Explains Slash in the accompanying video: “I’ve been working with Gibson for a lot of years now and I’ve started to really sort of focus on Tobacco Sunburst ‘58s.” He continues, “Different necks actually do sound different. The surface of the neck, what the wood is can really affect the way guitar sounds. The reason why Brazilian Rosewood was so popular is it just has a certain sound to it that’s really nice. It’s something you don’t get that easily. I can tell you that much.

“The addition of the Brazilian Rosewood just takes it over the top. It’s a really amazing sounding guitar."

Specs for the Slash Signed 1958 Les Paul Standard “Brazilian Dream” are below. For more information on the guitar, which has a list price of $12,999.00, go to