Review: Amptweaker Tight Fuzz Pro

A fuzz might be a simple circuit, but that doesn’t mean that all fuzz pedals are simple.
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A fuzz might be a simple circuit, but that doesn’t mean that all fuzz pedals are simple. Tone guru James Brown has delivered the Tight Fuzz Pro ($330 direct), an amazingly full-featured fuzz that could be the nerve center of a clever rig.

First and most importantly, this thing does great fuzz, evoking all that we love about boxes from the ’60s and ’70s—literally, with the 60’s/70’s switch. I got Hendrix sustain, “Spirit in the Sky” spittle, first Montrose album rock, and “25 or 6 to 4” bombast with ease. From there, I could slather on more buzz by hitting the Boost, which has controls for increasing Volume and Fuzz—nice! You also get a Germanium/Silicon Transistor switch, an Edge/Smooth switch, an Octave switch, and a Noise Gate to tailor your tone and tame any hiss. The Tight knob allows you to variably buffer the input so the Tight Fuzz Pro plays nice with wah pedals and other effects. Bonus!

So, no matter what kind of fuzz lover you are, you should be able to find a tone you love with this box. Once you do, you can then work it into your rig in a number of exciting ways thanks to the three effects loops on this bad boy. One loop is Universal and any effects in it are on whenever the pedal is on. Another is engaged only when you hit the Boost, making it easy to have, say, delay on your lead tone. The third loop is the SideTrak loop, which is activated when you turn the Tight Fuzz off. This is super cool, because you can have a modulation pedal only on your clean sound, or put an overdrive pedal in there and toggle between fuzz and OD with a single switch, or send it to a totally separate amp like an A/B box. So clever!

Space doesn’t permit listing everything that this pedal does, but rest assured—if you want to work a great-sounding fuzz box into your setup, the Tight Fuzz Pro will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Kudos Great fuzz tones. Amazing flexibility.
Concerns None.